My Life in Blurry Pictures

Life is crazy with two kids. CRAZY. Most of my pictures are blurry because everything moves so fast that I don’t have time to get the perfect shot. Our picture library is full of fuzzy, blurry, badly lit pictures of us. And I love them all. So here are a few of the hundreds that we have. Hopefully this blogging once a month thing won’t become a habit and I can post more soon.

Playing peek-a-boo.


We call this “goating”. Adam basically rams his head into his brother and scoots him across the floor.


And then Owen doesn’t like it so he starts to cry. Adam is already stepping into his big brother role and tries to offer a toy to soothe him before Mom and Dad come in. I can hear him already saying, “Shhhh baby Owen here’s a toy!! Don’t get me in trouble Owen Boo Boo!”


Owen can hold his own though:


Occasionally they team up for a Mom take-down:


Or a cuddle with Dad:


Or just hang around:



And then they get together for one split second so I can take a picture and my heart is happy.




And occasionally we’re all in the frame and it’s not fuzzy and nobody is crying and I start picking out the frame to hang it on the wall.






Conversations With Babies

Me: Owen look at this horse! Neighhhhh!

Owen: nom nom nom nom nom!

Me: Owen give mama a kiss!

Owen: Squeeeaaaaallll! slurp slurp nom nom (bite)

Me: Owen time to eat!

Owen: CHOMP (Twice actually. We’re working on that.)

As you can see most of my interactions with Owen lately involve a lot of drool and chomping and basically anything within a foot of his mouth goes directly into it. Rubber boots, my house shoes, a broom. Everything.

Adam on the other hand is mostly:

Me: Adam what do you want for lunch?

Adam: Scrreeeeeech!!! (his best t-rex impression)

But sometimes:

Me: Adam I love you.

Adam: I so love you too Mommy. I glad you my boofilicious Mommy.

I so love my T-rex and my zombie baby.


An Update

Oh right! I have a blog that I haven’t written for over a month!

I thought about this while watching the news today, because we’ve had rain pouring down over us for a week, and now a hurricane has developed off the east coast and is headed north ready to dump another 6 inches on us. We were supposed to head down to the beach this weekend, but uh, that’s not happening. It’s the perfect thing to talk about, I thought. Then I realized I hadn’t updated everything that’s been happening in this crazy, crazy month. So here goes:

We moved! Our new house is amazing. All the bedrooms are on the same floor, we have a really great fenced in back yard, and once it’s cleared of our junk the bonus room above the garage is going to be amazing. The unpacking and decorating have been a little neglected though because we’ve been getting the old house ready for market. (Well Mike has anyway. I stayed home and watched the kids because driving over an hour to let them play in an empty house all day is not conducive to getting anything done.)

The old house went on the market a few days ago and we accepted an offer last night! The buyers want a quick closing so if all goes well that’ll happen in a few weeks. Tomorrow we’re all headed out there before all the nasty weather hits us. I want to see the house one last time and I’ll provide a little more storage room in my car for getting the last bit of stuff out of the garage. I hope the new people love it. I’m sad to see the house that sheltered both of our babies go.

The kids have taken the new house and the move very well. After a rough first week, both kids have settled into their rooms beautifully and have already made the place their own. Adam asks about the old house occasionally, and I’m hoping that visiting one last time and seeing it empty will help him understand that we’re not going back to live there.

They’ve both also decided that this is the optimum month to make unreal amounts of developmental leaps. Adam has all of his teeth now, and has started pretending, telling us stories, and speaking in paragraphs. He’s also so very close to potty training I can’t stand it. All he needs to do is figure out how to get himself to the bathroom instead of me telling him to go. Oh yeah, and he talks non stop!! All sorts of questions, the same question repeated over and over, and gibberish words when all else fails him stream out of his mouth in a river of new skills. It’s been…tolerable. So far. Check back with me in a month when it hasn’t stopped.

Owen likewise has found his voice, except it comes out in ear shattering screams, complete with tongue out and drool landing on us. He’s started to get up on his elbows and knees and wants so badly to get around. Not that rolling and scooting on his face isn’t working, because it is. That kid is fast, and has an obsession with the Blu-Ray player unlike any I’ve ever seen. I blink and he’s found his way over to it and is trying his best to reach up and eat it. He also doesn’t have any teeth, but has started solids. It’s only been bananas so far, but sweet potatoes are next on the menu tonight.

So that’s that for now. I’m hoping that being done with the old house will free up more time over here and I can keep up with the happenings. I’m going to go back to my banana bread in the oven, because nothing brings out the baker in me like an impending rainy apocalypse

In Search of the Foxglove House

Mike interviewed for his new job the week Owen was born, and started a couple weeks later. We knew that eventually we were going to move closer to it, just didn’t know exactly when. His commute isn’t awful at 55 minutes, but it’s not a great one. Eventually we started searching with the mentality that if we found an awesome house we’d jump on it but it wasn’t a huge deal. Lots of houses in our price range were available but nothing really called out to us.

Then there was the Foxglove house. We almost didn’t look at it because it sat on top of a large hill with a steep driveway. But oh, the house was wonderful. Big backyard, huge garage, plenty of space, and a great flow that made it feel just right. It was slightly out of our price range, but it had been on the market for a while so we though we might be able to offer lower. Mike decided to drive out there after work one day to see how the commute was and it turned out to be a not so perfect house. The commute took him through the busiest section of Raleigh and was over an hour.

Womp womp womp. So no Foxglove house for us.

The search continued into different areas that would avoid the traffic. One day Mike sent me a listing that looked really familiar. The finishes were different but, wait a second, is that? It’s the same layout as the Foxglove house!! It turns out the floor plan was built all over the place! That one was too far, another one we ended up touring another had a terrible front yard, another one was too expensive. It seemed everywhere we looked there was at least one Foxglove house around. It wasn’t the only house we were willing to take, but man was it nice. More than one house didn’t stand up to the “Foxglove House” test and we passed on it.

When we found the house we ended up buying, we had pretty much decided to stop looking for a while. But it was a great house, in a great neighborhood, and we jumped on it. No Foxglove House test was administered. A couple days later my father in law sent us an email and told us the house looked really similar to the Foxglove layout but in reverse.

Whaaaat? No it’s not the Foxglove house is it? But then we looked again. Same foyer, half bath off to the side, island in the kitchen. Yep it was the same layout, but backwards. There were a couple of differences, like an entryway closet and the layout of the laundry room is different, but it’s the same house. No wonder it feels like home to me already. The house we were searching for was there all the time, we just needed it in the right order for it to be ours. We got our Foxglove house.

We move in 10 days, and even with all of the stress of packing and carting the kids around it feels like Christmas to me. And isn’t the house just beautiful?

Skipping Rock

To Don’t

Things never to do if you want your baby to sleep:

A number 2. They’ll wake up every time. Right in the middle of everything.



The Dishes.

Grown-up stuff that got those babies here in the first place.

Relaxing of any kind. The minute that TV show comes on you know baby is going to be up and ready to party.

Sleep. I’ve decided that when a parent’s head hits the pillow it’s like a sonic boom to babies. Their eyes fly open immediately because they think you’re supposed to stand guard at their door or some crap.


Get the sewing machine out.

Eat a meal (but cooking it is fine. They’ll let you cook that whole damn meal but don’t you dare eat it!).

Plan an outing that requires a nap.

Try to get one to not cry or to go back to sleep so they don’t wake up the other one.

Start a blog post. You’ll finish it with the baby in your lap (like now).

Think about them too hard. Just forget they’re up there because some psychic connection will trigger and they’ll need you. This one is especially potent if you think about how awesome your kids are and how much you love them. Stay away from cute pictures like this:


Or this:


I know, i know. What cute little faces!! Well those cute little faces are going to be awake soon and pissed that mom or dad thought too hard about them and woke them up. Just don’t do it!

What you should do if you want baby to sleep:

Sit quietly and worry that they’ll wake up.

Decide not to start a project because they’ll be up soon anyway (they’ll sleep for HOURS).

Plan an outing that requires them to wake up.

This PSA brought to you by: my kids. Waking me up at the crack of dawn since 2013.


We found a house last week. It was a bit of a surprise since we were a little bit burned out and hadn’t found any that we really loved. Mike’s dad sent us a listing that had just come on the market a couple days earlier. We realized that it was amazing and if we didn’t move quickly we’d lose it. So that night Mike and my in-laws viewed it while I hung out at home with the kids, and a couple hours later an offer was in. The next day it was accepted and that was that. I was moving into a house I had never seen.

Last weekend I did actually go see it. The house is beautiful, the neighborhood is great, and I’m within ten minutes of TWO Targets. Two of them! I’m so happy! Good thing I trust my family’s judgement!

Today was the inspection and nothing crazy was found so looks like all things are a go for a closing the middle of next month.

And now the organizing and packing begins. I don’t really like to move. I find it tedious, but having a good plan in place helps keep my stress down. I don’t have the luxury of procrastinating or going with the flow on this move because two kids will suck up all of my time before I know it. So today I went and tackled an “easy” job. Clean out my drawers and closet. My aim was to check something off of my list and purge some things I know I’ll never use or wear.

Then I found a secret lair where Louie used to sleep and I forgot about. Turns out that he got fur all over some business clothes I was planning on selling and threw up on my boots. Since I didn’t wear boots for my whole pregnancy because I was too swollen I can only imagine how long that’s all been there. It’s fossilized.

Then I realized I have clothes I ordered online to send back, maternity clothes I borrowed that need to be returned, newborn diapers that Owen grew out of in like a month, and so on, and so on.

SO. Since to-do things were rapidly piling up I started making a list for the week. It’s currently on 20 things, and that’s only the bedrooms! I’m going to tackle those things when I can and make another list, then another. It’s already calmed my frazzled mind, actually. Having things written down in black and white makes me not have to remember to do them all and I can play with the kids for a few minutes and be focused on just them.

I can’t believe we’ll be moving in a little more than a month. I’m excited, nervous, and so happy to be closer to family. Let’s just hope I have hair at the end of this process.


After a fabulous trip to the grocery store today I came home, played with the kids, fed them lunch and put them down for a nap. Both of them. Together. I thanked my lucky stars and decided to get a head start on dinner. Instead I got a head start on screwing up everyone’s nap.

First I went into the kitchen and started chopping up vegetables for a enchiladas. In the process I dropped a spoon, a cutting board, and dragged three pans out of the cupboard instead of the one pan I needed to get.

Adam, who already was showing signs that he didn’t want to go to bed, started to whimper. If he’s content but not going to sleep I leave him be, but he was crying so I went in to soothe him. I was met with “Mommy I awake!!”, and I new that this was going to be an uphill battle. I gave him a quick song, a kiss on his head, and told him to get some rest.

Then I came back downstairs and took the trash out. I’m assuming the door opening and closing woke up Owen because when I came back in he was crying. I went upstairs and nursed him to see if he would go back to sleep, but nope. Awake and angry.

Oh well, I can still get the vegetables roasting in the oven! I put Owen down to put them in, starting yet another screaming fit. Adam whimpered again on the monitor.

I picked Owen up to play with him while the food was in the oven. Nine minutes later when the timer went off I pulled the vegetables out of the oven and- oh no. Smoke billowed out everywhere. The veg was perfectly browned but I knew it was only a matter of time before:


At this point I was in beast mode. Upstairs to sweep away the smoke I went. Then, oh of course the smoke got to all of the alarms up here and they’re all going off at once. I go into Adam’s room (because he’s not sleeping anyway) to open the windows and turn around to see a terrified kid crying. Who can blame the poor thing. Totally tired and now there are alarms blaring in his room. He can’t stand loud noises lately so this was too much. I scooped him up and ran around opening windows assuring him that it’s just a loud noise buddy and we’re ok mommy just has to open up some windows no problem!!

Finally the alarms stopped and Adam and I had a deep conversation about what smoke is and what alarms are and where did that smoke come from mommy? The kitchen buddy. Mommy tried to get a head start on dinner and will never ever do that during nap time again. Never ever.

Adam is now coming up to me every two minutes and making me reassure him that the loud noise was only the alarms and everything is ok and the “moke” is gone. “You show me where moke is Mommy?”

So. I am not ahead on dinner. Both kids are awake. The smoke has not all cleared from my house. I need a drink.