Phone Gremlins

I know I’m not the only parent whose children absolutely meltdown when a phone call happens right? Like complete and utter chaos from the time you hit send, to the actual phone call in which you have to juggle maddeningly misbehaving children with actually holding a conversation, to the end when you rush to say goodbye and get off the phone only to see your kids return to doing whatever it was they were occupied with in the first place that made you think you could actually make the phone call?!?

Phone gremlins. It’s got to be.  I’m telling you something shoots out that possesses your kid

Earlier today, the boys were happily watching Sesame Street and I foolishly thought that would be a good time to call around to salons for prices. Ha! Rookie mistake. As soon as I connected with a receptionist, Adam started following me around flapping his arms and making demands for PB&J. I shushed him pretty quickly and had him scoot back into the living room to wait for his sandwich. (In his defense I did promise him a PB&J. He was nice to calm himself so quickly.)

I thought I was out of the woods but really Adam was the warm-up act for Owen. He pulled a dining room chair out, leaned over the back, causing it to tip over, and caught his fingers between the chair and the piano. So the lovely woman on the phone got to listen to absolute chaos as I rushed over to free the screaming baby from his predicament and try to calm the scared/hurt crying while still trying to get information.

I just checked my phone log  the whole call took less than three minutes. The boys went from being awesome, to gremlins, back to calm and collected.

Luckily the woman understood. She said the whole scenario sounded only too familiar from when her kids were young. So if you have to make a phone call anytime soon, solidarity friend.


Welcome to Tricia’s House of Germy Horrors

This is what Owen looks like right now:


He woke up last night to vomit in such weird places that I’m still trying to figure out what exactly went down. It was in the curtain a couple feet above his head, the wall down by his feet, and scattered to the four corners of his bed.

Mike and I cleaned him up and put him back to bed with towels for sheets because we were convinced this wasn’t over. I had a day-long throw up marathon on Saturday and Mike had the same thing last weekend.

Luckily we escaped anymore cleanup from Owen and despite being a little cranky today he’s had an appetite and wanted to play.

All of this is just a few of the many illnesses all four of us have had in the last month. Some kind of germ factory has settled in and refused to leave us. Every type of bad we can feel has been felt. Poor Adam has missed five days of school in four weeks.

This is what he looks like now, by the way.


The picture of patience, helped along by copious snacks and cartoons.

There have been a few pockets of warm weather so far this year and it’s made this winter bearable. The germs though. They have me yearning for a hot, insect filled summer just so we can be DONE with this already. I’d gladly trade those bugs for these bugs.