I’m not sure how one goes about starting to write again after a year off, but I’m going to try anyway.

We’ll call this Wild Williamsons 2.0. I’m not the mom to a newborn anymore. I’ve got two full blown human beings on my hand now. They walk and talk and communicate and are so. much. FUN.

An update on each of us:

Mike is still working his butt off to provide for us, then comes home and hangs out with the kids and is generally awesome. He also took up running again and is really good at it.

I’m still at home with the kids, and joined the gym again. I’m also taking a weaving class on Tuesday nights and I’ll show off my fabulously beautiful scarf I’m weaving after it’s done.

Adam is in preschool two days a week. It’s a play based preschool and he absolutely loves it. One of his teachers is my neighbor and friend so that’s pretty amazing too. He goes to school and gets dirty and tired and has a ball. He’s wicked smart, can name all the planets, and would live in water if we let him.

Owen is turning into an amazing little mischievous ham. He’s goofy, loves food, asks to be wrapped, and has been weaned for about two weeks now. He loves his family fiercely, is skeptical of anyone else, and gives the best hugs ever. If you’re ever on the receiving end of one get ready for the hug of your life.

Like I said, I don’t have babies anymore. I’ve got KIDS.

This only scratches the surface of us right now. I’ll write more, I promise. Here’s a sampling of pictures to hold you over.

I’ve missed this. I’ll be back soon.


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