Toddlers: They’re Gross

Scene: the Williamson living room, bedtime. All things are calm, clean, babies are so close to sleep I can taste it. Putting the kids to bed alone is going to be a piece of cake.

And then Owen threw up chocolate milk and tater tots onto my carpet (mere inches away from the hardwood where this would be a 5 minute clean-up operation) and my hopes of a couple solo hours before bed were dashed.

Scene: the Williamson kitchen, morning. All things once again calm and clean. I’m making a lovely lunch while the children play.

And then I hear splashing coming from the bathroom and find Owen going to town in a toilet that hasn’t been flushed. The child is placed into a bathtub and vigorously scrubbed. Twice.

Scene: back to the Williamson living room. Lunch has been administered, and then I find that the chocolate milk stain on the carpet has come back up. So I’m down on the floor scrubbing it with a Little Green Clean Machine. I’ve gotten here by climbing up ladders, collecting parts of the machine, and then spilling the cleaning solution all over me and the laundry room. Yay more cleanup!

At the same time I’m answering questions coming out of Adam’s mouth faster than an auctioneer (Yes, buddy sometimes someone’s tummy gets upset and their food explodes out of their mouth. Yes, buddy, it’s gross.) I’m also elbowing Owen out of the way while he tries to covertly breach any and all off-limits areas. At one point he dove over my shoulder! The kid is diabolical.

I now have to clean an inch of muddy milk/water out of my machine.

The moral of this story? Just plastic wrap your whole house and install a drain so you can hose the place off. I’d say until they’re old enough to clean up after themselves but I know a mother of teenage boys that would argue for keeping it until they move out.

I’m going to go bleach myself now.


Owen Has Left The Building (temporarily)

About a month ago Owen started sleeping through the night. Once we figured out it was a pretty permanent thing, he got to go visit his grandparents and stay overnight! Not having him here was…weird. And it’s remarkable how quiet the house gets when just one of the boys is gone!

Mike, Adam, and I all ran errands and then went to lunch together. Everything was pretty chill and not stressful at all! Barely needing to coral Adam, then playing the games on the children’s menu was pretty awesome. I see it as a preview for when Owen is his age and I can expect them to be mostly normal little humans instead of ticking time bomb toddlers.

Spending one-on-one time with Adam at home was great too. Mike let him help clean up his car, and I took a nap with him. Our choice of activity really shows off our personality well!

He’s also perfecting his photography skills. There are about 25 of these pictures because he holds the button down.


When Owen’s grandma bought him back we hugged and kissed and were super happy to see each other, and then he sat down for dinner number two. He’s got a hollow leg, that one.

This morning I got the best cuddles when he woke up. He missed me, even if he still won’t say my name.img_2429

I can’t believe how big this guy is. Everything Adam does he MUST DO NOW.


I’m glad that introduces good habits like teeth brushing too. (His messed up face is a case of baby vs driveway. The driveway won.)

We can’t wait for Halloween. Adam got to pick his own costume this year and he hasn’t wavered on what he wants to be. I totally expected him to but he answers the same thing every time someone asks him. So expect a post on that shortly after! Until then, I’m going to go put Adam in his bed for the billionth time. His mouth says, “not sleepy” but his tantrums say, “OMG put him to bed!!!”






I’m not sure how one goes about starting to write again after a year off, but I’m going to try anyway.

We’ll call this Wild Williamsons 2.0. I’m not the mom to a newborn anymore. I’ve got two full blown human beings on my hand now. They walk and talk and communicate and are so. much. FUN.

An update on each of us:

Mike is still working his butt off to provide for us, then comes home and hangs out with the kids and is generally awesome. He also took up running again and is really good at it.

I’m still at home with the kids, and joined the gym again. I’m also taking a weaving class on Tuesday nights and I’ll show off my fabulously beautiful scarf I’m weaving after it’s done.

Adam is in preschool two days a week. It’s a play based preschool and he absolutely loves it. One of his teachers is my neighbor and friend so that’s pretty amazing too. He goes to school and gets dirty and tired and has a ball. He’s wicked smart, can name all the planets, and would live in water if we let him.

Owen is turning into an amazing little mischievous ham. He’s goofy, loves food, asks to be wrapped, and has been weaned for about two weeks now. He loves his family fiercely, is skeptical of anyone else, and gives the best hugs ever. If you’re ever on the receiving end of one get ready for the hug of your life.

Like I said, I don’t have babies anymore. I’ve got KIDS.

This only scratches the surface of us right now. I’ll write more, I promise. Here’s a sampling of pictures to hold you over.

I’ve missed this. I’ll be back soon.