When Things Fail Spectacularly

What. A. DAY. What a day! Or afternoon is more accurate.

All was well at first. Kids were being good, I was getting some chores done, we were fine. Then Owen started getting into the laundry so I walked over to get a wrap so I could put him up and get it all finished. While I was prepping the wrap I look over and Owen is flat on his face in the kitchen. Then he looks up at me and-blood. He’d hit something on his mouth.

At first I thought he had just broken his lip open, but nope. The top tooth that erupted THREE days ago was barely visible. It was bleeding too. Ugh. After a panicked call to Mike who tells me to call the doctor (because I was panicking and not thinking right), I called the doc. They said, “Uhhhhh call a dentist”. The first dentist said something along the lines of, that sucks. Call a pediatric dentist.

The third call was a lifesaver. “Come on in!” they told me.

Great! So I got the kids dressed, dabbed some more blood off Owen’s face and left.

Well we tried to leave. As I was backing out of the driveway I was playing with Adam and making him giggle. All of a sudden he starts to vomit everywhere!! So he starts screaming, which makes Owen cry harder! I’m now in full head is spinning mode. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say my coping skills have not developed fully as a mother because I did not handle it well. Like at all.

I went to make sure Adam was ok and was greeted with another eruption of vomit and even more high pitched screaming. So I get back into the garage and start to strip Adam down because he’s going STRAIGHT to the bath. It’s 30 degrees out today so the poor thing was freezing. I tell him to get inside so I can get Owen out. They’re both still screaming by the way.

I had to call the dentist back and I think I pushed the wrong button because someone answered who had no idea why I screamed, “We’re not coming!!” into the phone while children cried all around, and then hung up.

So up the stairs we went. Adam got a scrub down while I tried to keep Owen from getting into the toilet, trash can, and cupboards. At least they both calmed down by that point. It only then dawned on me that Adam woke up from his nap writhing like something was bothering him but couldn’t articulate what it was. I’m gonna guess his stomach hurt.

After I got him out of the bath things got better. Mike showed up, helped me with the vomit covered car seat, and is now on a quest to get the best breadsticks ever while I make spaghetti for dinner with Adam while Owen naps. Dentist appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. He was gracious enough to let me take a picture of Owen’s mouth to make sure it didn’t warrant an immediate visit tonight. It didn’t.

I’m going to leave this picture here. Because that’s what my hair looked like by the end of this ordeal, and I was laughing to keep from crying. I need a drink. Or a nap. Either or.