Conversations With Babies

Me: Owen look at this horse! Neighhhhh!

Owen: nom nom nom nom nom!

Me: Owen give mama a kiss!

Owen: Squeeeaaaaallll! slurp slurp nom nom (bite)

Me: Owen time to eat!

Owen: CHOMP (Twice actually. We’re working on that.)

As you can see most of my interactions with Owen lately involve a lot of drool and chomping and basically anything within a foot of his mouth goes directly into it. Rubber boots, my house shoes, a broom. Everything.

Adam on the other hand is mostly:

Me: Adam what do you want for lunch?

Adam: Scrreeeeeech!!! (his best t-rex impression)

But sometimes:

Me: Adam I love you.

Adam: I so love you too Mommy. I glad you my boofilicious Mommy.

I so love my T-rex and my zombie baby.