We found a house last week. It was a bit of a surprise since we were a little bit burned out and hadn’t found any that we really loved. Mike’s dad sent us a listing that had just come on the market a couple days earlier. We realized that it was amazing and if we didn’t move quickly we’d lose it. So that night Mike and my in-laws viewed it while I hung out at home with the kids, and a couple hours later an offer was in. The next day it was accepted and that was that. I was moving into a house I had never seen.

Last weekend I did actually go see it. The house is beautiful, the neighborhood is great, and I’m within ten minutes of TWO Targets. Two of them! I’m so happy! Good thing I trust my family’s judgement!

Today was the inspection and nothing crazy was found so looks like all things are a go for a closing the middle of next month.

And now the organizing and packing begins. I don’t really like to move. I find it tedious, but having a good plan in place helps keep my stress down. I don’t have the luxury of procrastinating or going with the flow on this move because two kids will suck up all of my time before I know it. So today I went and tackled an “easy” job. Clean out my drawers and closet. My aim was to check something off of my list and purge some things I know I’ll never use or wear.

Then I found a secret lair where Louie used to sleep and I forgot about. Turns out that he got fur all over some business clothes I was planning on selling and threw up on my boots. Since I didn’t wear boots for my whole pregnancy because I was too swollen I can only imagine how long that’s all been there. It’s fossilized.

Then I realized I have clothes I ordered online to send back, maternity clothes I borrowed that need to be returned, newborn diapers that Owen grew out of in like a month, and so on, and so on.

SO. Since to-do things were rapidly piling up I started making a list for the week. It’s currently on 20 things, and that’s only the bedrooms! I’m going to tackle those things when I can and make another list, then another. It’s already calmed my frazzled mind, actually. Having things written down in black and white makes me not have to remember to do them all and I can play with the kids for a few minutes and be focused on just them.

I can’t believe we’ll be moving in a little more than a month. I’m excited, nervous, and so happy to be closer to family. Let’s just hope I have hair at the end of this process.

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