After a fabulous trip to the grocery store today I came home, played with the kids, fed them lunch and put them down for a nap. Both of them. Together. I thanked my lucky stars and decided to get a head start on dinner. Instead I got a head start on screwing up everyone’s nap.

First I went into the kitchen and started chopping up vegetables for a enchiladas. In the process I dropped a spoon, a cutting board, and dragged three pans out of the cupboard instead of the one pan I needed to get.

Adam, who already was showing signs that he didn’t want to go to bed, started to whimper. If he’s content but not going to sleep I leave him be, but he was crying so I went in to soothe him. I was met with “Mommy I awake!!”, and I new that this was going to be an uphill battle. I gave him a quick song, a kiss on his head, and told him to get some rest.

Then I came back downstairs and took the trash out. I’m assuming the door opening and closing woke up Owen because when I came back in he was crying. I went upstairs and nursed him to see if he would go back to sleep, but nope. Awake and angry.

Oh well, I can still get the vegetables roasting in the oven! I put Owen down to put them in, starting yet another screaming fit. Adam whimpered again on the monitor.

I picked Owen up to play with him while the food was in the oven. Nine minutes later when the timer went off I pulled the vegetables out of the oven and- oh no. Smoke billowed out everywhere. The veg was perfectly browned but I knew it was only a matter of time before:


At this point I was in beast mode. Upstairs to sweep away the smoke I went. Then, oh of course the smoke got to all of the alarms up here and they’re all going off at once. I go into Adam’s room (because he’s not sleeping anyway) to open the windows and turn around to see a terrified kid crying. Who can blame the poor thing. Totally tired and now there are alarms blaring in his room. He can’t stand loud noises lately so this was too much. I scooped him up and ran around opening windows assuring him that it’s just a loud noise buddy and we’re ok mommy just has to open up some windows no problem!!

Finally the alarms stopped and Adam and I had a deep conversation about what smoke is and what alarms are and where did that smoke come from mommy? The kitchen buddy. Mommy tried to get a head start on dinner and will never ever do that during nap time again. Never ever.

Adam is now coming up to me every two minutes and making me reassure him that the loud noise was only the alarms and everything is ok and the “moke” is gone. “You show me where moke is Mommy?”

So. I am not ahead on dinner. Both kids are awake. The smoke has not all cleared from my house. I need a drink.


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