Baby Whack-a-Mole

This morning Owen woke up earlier than normal. The two of us hung out and giggled a bit before he got tired again and needed a nap. As soon as I put Owen to bed, Adam woke up. A good friend of mine called this baby Whack-a-Mole, and she’s totally right. One kid falls asleep and the other bounces right up.

The weird thing is though, that I actually prefer my mornings to go like this. Even though I had to get out of bed over an hour earlier, today has been an absolute breeze. I’ve been able to take care of each kid’s needs individually instead of ranking who needs what and going from there. That scenario usually ends in one or both of them crying and my frazzled self parking Adam in front of a cartoon and hoping he doesn’t decide to leap onto the couch just as Owen is drifting off to sleep.

(Spoiler alert: he usually leaps onto the couch just as Owen is drifting off to sleep.)

In fact, the TV hasn’t even been on today. As I type this Owen is taking the nap he needs every day and most of the time doesn’t get, and Adam is playing happily with his train set. Even though I haven’t technically had a break since I woke up, I feel calm and collected. I can even leave Adam to his own devices for a few minutes to write this because he’s had individual attention and isn’t asking me to put baby down and get on the floor. Never mind he just asked me to choo choo with him on the floor, and I totally can and will.

Baby Whack-a-Mole for the win! Now if I could just get them to keep doing this and coordinate their afternoon naps that would be great, but I think I have a better chance of Publisher’s Clearing House showing up at my door with a unicorn and proof that Harry Potter is real. A girl can dream…


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