Getting Into The Swing Of Things

Mike is working overtime, Adam is asleep, and I got my chores done this evening while rocking Owen the sleep in the wrap. I’ve decided that since I worked hard today I’m going to let myself get trapped under him for this little catnap before he wakes up wanting a good meal. It’s become a part of the sweet, sweet routine that is taking shape in our lives.

I didn’t realize until I became a mother how important a schedule is. I do not give birth to kids who can fly by the seat of their pants. They need their naps and they need to know what to expect, and they need that stuff every time. Yesterday we changed Adam’s sheets and it’s thrown him so off his game that he spent the better part of this evening being angry at a pillow for not staying in the exact spot he wanted on the couch. He went to bed early.

Of course Owen wasn’t born with a good routine and I knew I’d have to pay close attention to pick up on his cues. They’re slowly but surely showing up, beginning thankfully with his nighttime routine. He’s asleep for a good chunk of time starting at 9:30 and I can expect two wake ups overnight before he’s up with the sun for a nice poop. Then he’s back down about an hour later for a good nap. His afternoon is starting to take shape but is a bit sporadic still.

I’m so thankful that the “hard” part of the newborn days are starting to wain. Owen’s stomach issues are healing, I’m done with his lip and tongue tie aftercare, and we can get on with getting our family dynamic together. I finally don’t feel like Adam is being ignored all day, and his behavior is so good as a result.

My third Mother’s Day is coming up. I still have many days where I don’t feel good enough. That I lost my temper too fast or didn’t do enough for the kids or Mike. This is such an amazing ride though, and I wouldn’t trade any minute of it for anything in the world.

After all, if it was easy, what would I have to hold over their heads when they’re teenagers?

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