Mornings With Owen

A bit of a sleeping schedule has started to appear with Owen and I over the last week or so. He goes to sleep for a big stretch between 9:30 and 10, then is up to eat a couple times before he wakes up at about 6.

I get up and change his pants, which he usually promptly poops in, then feed him and put him up in the wrap. It’s the best way to calm him so he doesn’t get fussy and wake up Adam, or Mike if it’s the weekend. He also likes to move around so I end up doing chores that I was too tired to finish the night before. So far today, the dishes are done and the floors have been swept.

He’s only up for about an hour usually, but I’m beginning to really enjoy our mornings together. There’s something very peaceful about folding laundry with the baby grunting in his sleep on my chest, soothed by my movements.

The bonus is that I get a few chores done before Adam wakes up, so when I get a moment away from Owen I can focus all of my attention on him.

Chaos is slowly turning into a routine around here. I can usually count on a little bit of overlap in the kids’ naps, I’m not terrified of taking them out together anymore, and more and more Owen is awake and happy during the day so I’m not trapped under him and unable to play with Adam.

On Mother’s Day two years ago I posted that I watched the sunrise on the couch while Adam nursed. This weekend I’ll probably see it again with my second son. Funny how things come full circle. I’m just as tired and stressed as I was then, but so happy to have These experiences with the kids. It makes all of the craziness worth it


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