While Mike and I are busy keeping our heads above water with a newborn and a toddler, Adam went and turned a year older on us. We knew we weren’t going to have a party because the thought of planning that and having a three week old baby was, frankly, terrifying.

We stayed low key and celebrated by going to the park to play. My sister was here and helped us wrangle Adam while Owen slept obliviously in the wrap the whole time. He woke up briefly to eat while we were out to dinner and that was it.


In order to keep being the awesome dad that he is, Mike checked another item off of his list of Things All Kids Must Have: a Radio Flyer wagon. Adam loved it immediately. Riding in it, pushing and pulling, and throwing random things into the back were like second nature to him.


He even wanted to pull Dad (with a little help from Auntie Keely).



Before we went to the park, I was saying that I like the playground because the upper levels have a ladder instead of stairs so Adam can’t get to them. Um, I was proven wrong almost immediately.


Yep, there he is, climbing the ladder as if he heard me and decided to try it out for funsies.

That’s just proof of how rapidly he’s changing every day. I really can’t believe how amazingly big this kid is getting. Last year at this time he was just taking his first steps, and now he’s a walking, talking Big Kid. He’s in the process of potty training, talks in 4 and 5 word sentences, says please and thank you, and melts my heart when he asks for a show and snuggles in close on the couch.

Adam, 2 years. 33 inches, 22 pounds

Likes: chocolate milk, Curious George, robots, dinosaurs.

Dislikes: anything you ask him directly to do, even if it’s something he wants to do.


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