An Odd List

Things I didn’t realize I would put on my to-do list:

Keep legs shaved

Purge fridge of leftovers so my mother-in-law doesn’t have to sift through questionable food

Don’t leave highly perishable foods around

Make sure Adam’s nails are clipped

Do a load of laundry a day (aka: keep Adam’s favorite pajamas clean)

Sleep on a towel, have a towel in the car, keep a change of clothes in the car

Try not to change the cat’s eating habits so he doesn’t vomit everywhere

Oh right make sure mother-in-law knows when he cat eats so he doesn’t vomit everywhere

Spend all the time you can snuggling Adam

Things I didn’t realize I would ponder:

When should I stop using cloth diapers so they’re all clean when I leave?

What do I do with Adam if my water breaks in public?

What do I do with Adam if nobody is here yet and baby is on his way?!?! (OMG I don’t want to think about it but it enters my mind WAY too much)

Will the cat hate us twice as much as he did when we brought Adam home? (Poor thing just started being able to come around without a child pouncing on him like he’s a pillow)

Thing I totally knew I was going to ponder and have been from day one:


That one is pretty much all I think about lately. I’m so excited, nervous, and happy all at once that my nerves are a little fried. Little dude has a lot of people out here waiting to love him. Lucky kid.


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