Can’t Talk Now. Here Are Some Pictures.

Life is busy, but amazing. We’re exhausted beyond belief, and the boys are doing great. Here are some pictures to hold you over until I can tell you tales of newborn and toddler awesomeness.











Owen By The Numbers

Days since Owen got here: 4

Car trips: 2

Blowout diapers: 1

Times he’s peed on his face: I lost count.

Hours he’s  spent eating furiously: like most of them all the time. The kid loves the boob

Hours he’s spent asleep: any hours that he’s not eating.

Number of inured cats who decided to go MIA for 24. Freaking. Hours: 1 (That’s a whole post in itself. Now that I know he’s not gone forever I am SO pissed at him for making me worry!)

Number of pictures I took of Mike sleeping so sweetly: 2…so far.

Big brothers who think this new gig is AWESOME: 1



Friday The 13th: A Bad Day For Cats


This old guy.

In the almost 11 years he’s been alive, he’s caused Mike and I to have a few worries. Once he got into a fight and didn’t show any signs that he was injured until the wound got infected. That led to us going to a 24 hour vet about 10 minutes after they started their “emergency” hours (and prices).

So yesterday when I woke up and found a dead mouse in the hallway I cursed him slightly for leaving it in a place I could have stepped on it and praised him for still being able to kill things in his old age. Spring is definitely moving in and things are starting to get out and about.

About an hour after I woke up I heard him yowling at the back door and trying to get in but not able to. He’s been in a few fights with the neighborhood cats so I hurried to the door to scoot him in just in case the offending animal was still around. I don’t think this fight was with a cat though.

As soon as I got him into our mudroom it was clear that he was very injured. He could barely move his back legs and was bleeding profusely from somewhere. I ran to get a towel while Mike looked him over and figured out that it was coming somewhere from his back end, but the amount of bleeding made it hard to tell exactly where. He had a cut on his face and his mouth was bleeding too, so it looked really really bad.

This all happened at 7am and when I called the emergency vet I was told they were 40 minutes away and, oh yeah, just for walking in the door right now we’ll charge you $500. Since we’d get to our regular vet when they opened at 8 in the same amount of time, we opted to wait it out and not pay an insane amount of money.

Louie laid down on the ground and we were able to get some food and water in him while we waited. I’m so grateful that Mike was home so he could take him to the vet while I stayed here with the still-sleeping Adam. I don’t know what I would have done with a bleeding cat, a toddler, and a giant belly to deal with at the same time.

It turns out it was a very large bite wound on his hind leg. The vet told Mike that a large dog had to have done it. Cats tend to slash and leave puncture wounds when they fight, not take chunks of flesh out. He stayed at the vet until Mike got off of work, then came home with a cone on his head and some drains in his wound. It looks awful, but once the swelling goes down and the drains come out I think it’ll be much better for him.

For now he’s hiding out in the pantry where he feels confined and safe. We’re keeping Adam away from him and giving him his space. I’m so grateful that I didn’t go into labor yesterday, and I’m so glad our old guy will still be here to welcome Tater home.

An Odd List

Things I didn’t realize I would put on my to-do list:

Keep legs shaved

Purge fridge of leftovers so my mother-in-law doesn’t have to sift through questionable food

Don’t leave highly perishable foods around

Make sure Adam’s nails are clipped

Do a load of laundry a day (aka: keep Adam’s favorite pajamas clean)

Sleep on a towel, have a towel in the car, keep a change of clothes in the car

Try not to change the cat’s eating habits so he doesn’t vomit everywhere

Oh right make sure mother-in-law knows when he cat eats so he doesn’t vomit everywhere

Spend all the time you can snuggling Adam

Things I didn’t realize I would ponder:

When should I stop using cloth diapers so they’re all clean when I leave?

What do I do with Adam if my water breaks in public?

What do I do with Adam if nobody is here yet and baby is on his way?!?! (OMG I don’t want to think about it but it enters my mind WAY too much)

Will the cat hate us twice as much as he did when we brought Adam home? (Poor thing just started being able to come around without a child pouncing on him like he’s a pillow)

Thing I totally knew I was going to ponder and have been from day one:


That one is pretty much all I think about lately. I’m so excited, nervous, and happy all at once that my nerves are a little fried. Little dude has a lot of people out here waiting to love him. Lucky kid.

Taking It Easy In The Land Of Toddlers

At this point in my last pregnancy, I was about 3 days away from finishing work for good. My replacement was already trained and more than confident, so I was daydreaming about giving birth and taking half days. The last week of pregnancy I sat on my rear end at home with my feet up and chilled out.

Not so much this time.

Because, hi, have you met this face?


I have a toddler now. A running, jumping, active kid who doesn’t want to sit around while mom eats a whole chocolate bunny and takes a nap before her pedicure.

And he’s not even a bad kid, he’s just a toddler. He needs to get out of the house, he needs mom to get on the floor and play with him, and he needs to eat at least three times a day. I know. Toddlers are SO needy.

So yesterday, a glorious day that got into the 70s, I took Adam to the park with a friend of mine and her kids. I even went past his nap by a few hours just so the poor thing could get some exercise and vitamin D. On the way home he passed out cold and got some great sleep while mom put her feet up and ate a box of chicken. So it was a win, win really.

Later that night, though, it became apparent that I angered The Uterus. There had been far too much activity for a woman who is only eleven days from her due date. Braxton-Hicks contractions started at about dinner time and refused to go away even with water, putting my feet up, and a warm bath. They kept going enough that I texted my doula to put her on notice, juuuussst in case.

Obviously, Tater is still hanging out in the belly, but The Uterus still isn’t too happy. So far I’ve had far less contractions today. Any sudden movement though, or if I go even a few minutes without drinking water I can feel it contract.

So now I’m trying to strike a balance between not wearing myself out too much and keeping the kiddo(s) happy. Luckily the weather cooperated today with buckets of rain, so we made blanket forts and played with blocks in between serious amounts of cuddles.

From now on I’ll have to make sure to do next to nothing when he takes a nap and make sure I got to bed before midnight so I get plenty of sleep. That combined with even more water, and maybe The Uterus will be nicer to me from now on. You know, until labor. And then that thing is going to be a JERK.


Last night Adam, Mike, and I were watching Shaun the Sheep before Adam went to bed. Shaun the Sheep is a claymation cartoon made by the same people who did Wallace and Gromit. It’s a sweet little British cartoon that we didn’t think twice about letting Adam watch. The farm that Shaun lives on has a bunch of different animals, and last night a very irritable bull was showcased. In a beautiful display of just how much Adam takes in and understands, that bull scared the crap out of him.

“Bulll??? Scared!!!” he called out, while crying and shaking from head to toe. Poor thing was so freaked out we turned it to another episode that we promised did not have the mean, scary bull anymore. He calmed down and watched another episode without incident, and then we went upstairs and he went to sleep in a toddler bed for the first time.

It was a big toddler milestone kind of a night. I won’t even mention that there are three word sentences that routinely come out of his face. I just can’t…

He slept through the night without falling off of the bed, even though there was a close call where he sat up in his sleep and started scooting toward the opening on the bed. Mike snuck up and put a pillow on the floor, just in case, but it wasn’t needed.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t watch him like a hawk though.


He made a few noises at 6:30 this morning and I’ve been wide awake ever since. Those feet look awfully close to the edge of that bed. Awfully close.

Shockingly, I got an extra hour and a half of sleep out of him. I paced downstairs trying to busy myself and stay quiet, all the while checking the monitor every time I heard a noise. As soon as I saw him moving I made a beeline upstairs to make sure he was ok waking up in the bed and I got this face.


Yeah. I think he’s fine. My big boy is amazing.

As for the soon to be Williamson, he’s still in there, cooking and moving and using my pelvis as a pillow.


We took another picture of my belly last night:


Soooo much belly. It’s such a huge reminder that birth is imminent, so I’ve kept myself on a schedule that’ll let me leave without much notice. Keep the laundry managed, don’t let the dishes pile up, stay showered, get enough sleep (ha!), make sure Adam has plenty of food, etc. I’m in a constant state of readiness, and I can’t wait for all of this to start.

In the meantime, it’s going to be in the 70s today and I’m going to frolic in the park with Adam like it’s the first time I’ve seen the sun in months.