So Very Tired

This is how Adam and I spent the time between his (very) late nap and me making dinner tonight:


Do I look cute in this picture? Nope, sure don’t. Do I even care that there are various toiletries and a train car in a plastic bowl on the counter behind me? Nope. It’s been that kind of day. Anything to make my child happy at that point, even if it meant cheesing it up in front of the mirror.

Normally we have quiet mornings with breakfast, playing, and PBS, then a snack before it’s off to bed for a nap. It’s a great schedule that has worked wonderfully. The last couple of days his naps have been very off. Something, probably teething, has thrown off the kiddo’s bathroom habits and everything has decided nap time would be a great window to show up. So all of that mess needs to be cleaned up and just like that, Adam is not going back to sleep.

Yesterday he wasn’t very sleep deprived yet after his 45 minute piddly nap, so he was still happy enough to play and be his normal self.


Being naked and putting pants on his head is his normal self. I love it when the weird comes out of him.

Then luckily I went and ran errands and on the way back got a glorious hour of sleep out of him.


This happens so rarely now that I had to take a picture of the cuteness.

Day two of his habits being off was today and I got exactly zero nap from him before I had a mess to clean up. His normally goes down at 11, but I didn’t get him to sleep until 3. Let’s just say that the extra four hours of awake time did not go well. Spontaneous fits followed by manic playing and laughing, followed by a tragic collapse to the ground because…well I don’t know why really.

So when the end of nap time came (and another poo! What the heck?!?), Adam was inconsolably tired. We both really just needed to giggle. And I got some cuddles too:


See that head on my shoulder? That makes it all worth it. I love that boy so much. Even when he’s an irrational human being.

Hopefully tomorrow everything will work itself out and his nap will return to normal. I’m now so very tired every day that I need at least 30 minutes to lay down, and not getting that two days in a row has taken its toll on me too.

Oh right and the pregnancy, aka the reason I’m so damn tired all the time, has officially entered its 8th month. Tater is definitely making his presence known, by way of trying to push out of me alien style. Next month can’t get here fast enough, because I love this boy so much too, even when he’s trying to recreate horror movies in my belly.



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