I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!

Wait what? Tomorrow is the last day of February? How the heck did that happen?!?!

And just like that, on Sunday we’ll officially be in the month of my son’s birth. Um, February, I wanted you to go fast, but that was a little bit too fast. Any chance you could take a couple laps around the block and come back in a couple weeks? K thanks.

Winter weather finally decided to show up this month, making each week a puzzle of how I’m going to get out of the house and keep Adam from getting cabin fever, while still trying to not go too far in case my water breaks or something crazy.

Yesterday we got 5 1/2 inches of delicious, fluffy snow, so Mike stayed home and had his first snow day ever with the kiddo.


We took a walk first, with Adam in a carrier because his little legs would never have gotten to the woods. He. Was. Not. Happy about this arrangement. I kept him from complete meltdown mode by throwing snow at him and giving him little snowballs that the immediately threw and asked for more. Mike occasionally got some snow down the back of his jacket, but it kept Adam from screaming so it was a necessary evil. The pictures were worth it though:




It was like a winter wonderland out there. Before we got to the snowman building, Mike did a little shoveling so we could walk to the garage without trudging through the snow, and Adam was so excited to help Daddy.


After that he mostly got stuck in the snow that he insisted on diving into and helped us pat down our snowman.



We were outside for quite a while. I’m glad it wasn’t windy or anything because the snow was wet and we started to get pretty cold. Well, except for Mike, who was the chief snowman builder and ended up shedding most of his layers.




He rules. I made myself useful though by finding our snowman’s face and arms. Dates for eyes, carrot for the nose, and a couple of branches carefully chosen to look similar to each other.


He’s still there this morning, but I think the weather is supposed to warm up this weekend, so he’ll be a puddle in no time. I’m glad the second snowman I ever made was done with the family. It was a great distraction from thinking about Tater’s arrival. Oh also, can you think of anything better after playing in the snow then watching Wallace and Gromit while drinking hot cocoa and eating a bowl of marshmallows? Adam couldn’t either.



So When Are You Due?

The 15th. I’m due on the 15th. No month is necessary because the next time a 15th comes around it’ll be my due date. And it just. Got. Real. I have to go through labor again. I’m going to have two kids that need me! Let’s just say sleep hasn’t exactly been abundant lately with all of these thoughts running through my head.

The life of an eight month pregnant lady has continued to be a big old bowl of cherries. I’ve got some days where I’m crazy hormonal and everything is the worst, followed by days where I stare deliriously at my family because I’M SO IN LOVE!! Both days also have spontaneous tears. Poor Mike. Seriously, the patience that man has shown this pregnancy is enough to qualify him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Oh! And because some days I can’t fathom putting anything into my belly, but other days I’m ravenous, I took advantage of it yesterday.





It might just have been the greatest meal I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t regret any of the untold calories I consumed. I can’t wait to have a meal that doesn’t involve angering the baby because I took up valuable real estate.

As for this little dude, he’s as crazy and wonderful as ever:


We had a couple of snow days this week and he had a fantastic time. Mostly he was interested in making it “rain”, and eating the snow.



After we came in and I stripped off all of his soaked clothes, he wanted to put on his “mins” (mittens). When dry ones could not be found he settled for socks. Coincidentally, I used those very socks for mittens last year because I didn’t have any baby mittens.


It’s just a year, but such a difference.

I’m glad we got out a couple of times because temperatures lower than I’ve ever experienced have descended on us. I’m actually looking forward to this weekend because it’s going to be in the 50s, despite the fact that it’s going to rain both days. I’ll be happy when spring comes to town and I can walk outside with the kids. KIDS. Plural!

So Very Tired

This is how Adam and I spent the time between his (very) late nap and me making dinner tonight:


Do I look cute in this picture? Nope, sure don’t. Do I even care that there are various toiletries and a train car in a plastic bowl on the counter behind me? Nope. It’s been that kind of day. Anything to make my child happy at that point, even if it meant cheesing it up in front of the mirror.

Normally we have quiet mornings with breakfast, playing, and PBS, then a snack before it’s off to bed for a nap. It’s a great schedule that has worked wonderfully. The last couple of days his naps have been very off. Something, probably teething, has thrown off the kiddo’s bathroom habits and everything has decided nap time would be a great window to show up. So all of that mess needs to be cleaned up and just like that, Adam is not going back to sleep.

Yesterday he wasn’t very sleep deprived yet after his 45 minute piddly nap, so he was still happy enough to play and be his normal self.


Being naked and putting pants on his head is his normal self. I love it when the weird comes out of him.

Then luckily I went and ran errands and on the way back got a glorious hour of sleep out of him.


This happens so rarely now that I had to take a picture of the cuteness.

Day two of his habits being off was today and I got exactly zero nap from him before I had a mess to clean up. His normally goes down at 11, but I didn’t get him to sleep until 3. Let’s just say that the extra four hours of awake time did not go well. Spontaneous fits followed by manic playing and laughing, followed by a tragic collapse to the ground because…well I don’t know why really.

So when the end of nap time came (and another poo! What the heck?!?), Adam was inconsolably tired. We both really just needed to giggle. And I got some cuddles too:


See that head on my shoulder? That makes it all worth it. I love that boy so much. Even when he’s an irrational human being.

Hopefully tomorrow everything will work itself out and his nap will return to normal. I’m now so very tired every day that I need at least 30 minutes to lay down, and not getting that two days in a row has taken its toll on me too.

Oh right and the pregnancy, aka the reason I’m so damn tired all the time, has officially entered its 8th month. Tater is definitely making his presence known, by way of trying to push out of me alien style. Next month can’t get here fast enough, because I love this boy so much too, even when he’s trying to recreate horror movies in my belly.