The Name Game

Something happened today. I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize the giant behemoth belly that is now sticking out of me. I’ve had a cold the last couple of days and been miserable and tired, so pajamas were my number one clothing item. I guess in those days where I couldn’t really see what was happening, A LOT of stuff started happening.

My belly is protruding straight out in a big round ball, and the bottom of my shirts are already starting to creep up just a bit too much. He’s also like a ravenous wolverine in there. He kicks, rolls, punches, stretches and generally just moves around at all hours of the day. Who needs sleep when you can sit up at night listening to the rain and feel body parts protrude from all areas of your stomach?

Starting this week, I have less than two months to go until Operation Baby Drop is a go, and it’s made me think of the things that need to get done before Tater gets here. Put the crib together, paint his dresser, finish my 1,001 baby carrier projects that have been my way of nesting this time, paint the living room. Oh yeah, and we have to NAME the baby!

There was a point a while back where we thought we had a name pretty much ready. Then it fizzled and another one started to look like it’s a great choice. The original name is still on the short list, but it’s very neck and neck with the others at this point.

I thought naming Adam was hard, but this is turning out to be a big challenge. Not only do we have to find one that sounds good with Lee again, but it also has to go with Adam’s name. There won’t be any babies named Moon or Achilles in this house (yes I saw both of those on lists of names). We also don’t want to start a same-letter trend by starting his name with an A, and there are already so many L’s in his name that those are pretty much out too.

So, yeah. We’re at a point of mulling over the names we have and making sure they pass the Full Name Test. You can’t name a kid until you can properly scold them using their full name, right?

I know Tater will get a name, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be before he’s born. At least we have a short list, so if it does come down to a hospital naming situation we won’t have too many to go through. He’ll have one eventually. Definitely before he starts school. Or college. Or gets married. Definitely, maybe.


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