The last week or so I have felt so, SO pregnant. I know that I’m only 29 weeks and I’ve still got tons of growing to do, but I’ve reached the stage where putting on shoes and socks is really hard, and sleeping is getting uncomfortable no matter what pillow/blanket/sleeping position I use. To top it all off, I now have an amazingly wonderful toddler who wants to play Legos and choo-choos with Mommy on the floor. Mommy doesn’t do well on the floor. Once I get down it doesn’t take long for my back to start hurting, then I look like a beached whale trying to stand up again. I end up getting on my feet by huffing and puffing, then I have to catch my breath for a second before I do anything else. It is not a pretty picture.

There is a sliver lining to getting huge though! Adam is recognizing the whole “baby” thing more and more. He usually points to his own belly when we ask him where baby brother is, but it’s a start. And this happens too:



He’s a very active kid now, but when he wants to cuddle, the kid can cuddle! He scoots in under my arms and requests one of his favorite shows and it just melts me every time.

Speaking of melting me, here are some pictures from Christmas. There’s not much to say except that it was amazing! Adam had so much fun opening presents and actually wants to play with all of his toys. The house has been in a perpetual state of mess since then. I’ll admit that I’ve got some kind of nesting/decluttering antics going on and it’s hard for me to handle, but he’s having so much fun that I just wait until he goes to sleep and clean it so I can get a break.

I mean, who can say no to getting toys out when you get playing like this?

IMG_1385IMG_0578 IMG_0583 IMG_0594 IMG_1389IMG_0601 IMG_0608   IMG_1858 IMG_1843 IMG_1849

It was definitely a Very Merry Christmas at the Williamson house.


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