Christmastime is HERE!!!

Ok so I might just be a little bit too excited about Christmas this year. I can’t help it though. Even though it’s not Adam’s first Christmas, it’s the first one where he’s aware of things around him. Far from being a tiny terror ripping apart our pretty things, he’s completely embraced them and loves having them around.

Last Saturday was Mike’s birthday, and we celebrated with family decorating day. We haven’t had a real Christmas tree since we move to England, so we went out to a tree farm to pick one out. It was cold, dreary, and Adam was sick, but that’s nothing a good carry in a wrap can’t fix.



Adam was so comfortable, it was a shame that picking out a tree was so easy. After Mike tore me away from a lady asking about baby wearing (a slippery slope that I can talk about for HOURS), we had a tree in less than ten minutes. Paid for it, had it put in the bed of Mike’s truck and off we went.

We got the tree set up and lights put on Saturday, but waited until Sunday to decorate it. Adam felt that it needed some water first though.


Then let the decoration commence!






Adam was a very good decorator. We bought kid friendly (AKA non-breakable) ornaments so he could help us, and he took to it like he’d been decorating trees his whole life. Notice a few, um, extras at the bottom of the tree. Apparently his snowman bag really needed to be up there.



Oh, and then he serenaded us with his harmonica.


In the end, this tree is gorgeous and Adam doesn’t feel the need to rip stuff off of it. I’m okay with that.


And Adam seems pretty proud of his work.


You did good, kid. Merry Christmas.


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