Anatomy of a Toddler’s Bath

Adam had peanut butter and Jelly for lunch today, with a side of fresh mango. Either some or all of it ended up in his hair, so afternoon bath time it is!

Step One in giving toddler a bath: ask him for the thousandth time if you can lean him back to wash his hair. (This is greatly preferred over chasing him around with a cup and accidentally pouring water in his face when he won’t keep his head back.)

Step Two: try not to fall over when he not only says yes, but doesn’t freak out when you actually do lean him back.

Step Three: since washing is done in an unprecedented five minutes, pull out the phone and let him mug for the camera.


And love on frog:


Step Four: remove child from bath and put towel on baby (also known as the cutest he ever looks. Ever.)


Oh and there he goes.

IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0392

Step Five: chase child down and watch him so he doesn’t pee on the carpet.

Step Six: Hang out while baby contemplates life in the nude.


And checks out his toys.


And puts last winter’s boots on before diaper or clothes.


Step Seven: wrestle child into submission in order to lotion him up. (Don’t take pictures because that would be like taking pictures while holding down a greased pig. It’s just not happening.)

Step Eight: Diaper on! Success! Then watch him as he does…whatever this is:


Oh and he’s off again!

IMG_0400 IMG_0401

Step Nine: make feeble attempt to dress your child before saying, forget this he won’t freeze.

Step Ten: realize your child will always be one step ahead of you. Like when he requests you put his pants on right after you resolve yourself to letting him run around in just a diaper and socks.

IMG_0402 IMG_0404

Well played, Peanut. Well played.

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