Words Adam has acquired recently: Papa, Nana, Coco (Courtney), Kiki (Keely), Am (Amy), Momo (Morgan), toast, ball, no, pumpkin, up, and my personal favorite, donut. Auntie Jill isn’t quite as easy to say but he’ll get there.
I think it’s safe to say that his language is absolutely exploding. It seems like every day he adds new words to his vocabulary. Things that we had no idea were even on his radar are coming out of his mouth with such clarity that Mike and I sit temporarily stunned. Then we do what parents do and try to get him to say it on video while he whines because, didn’t you hear me? I want a donut!

We’ve always tried to watch our language in front of him (Mike is better at it then me), but now we REALLY have to be aware of what comes out of our mouth. I’m not in the camp of people that thinks a foul-mouthed toddler is adorable so teaching him to drop an F-bomb is not going to happen.

I can’t wait until this kid can tell me what’s going on in his head. Signing has helped a lot in keeping his frustration from bubbling over somewhat, but I can see that he wants to just tell me what he wants instead of the elaborate game of charades we’ve got going on now. It’s clear that we don’t have long until a sentence pops out of that sweet little face. I think once it happens we’ll have some great conversations ahead of us.


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