A Thanksgiving Miracle!

It was a good day yesterday. Rainy and cold, but really good. My in-laws came over, we cooked Thanksgiving lunch (not dinner because my husband is weird), and I ate until Tater ran out of room in there and started kicking my ribs in protest. Adam had a great time. He tasted sparkling apple cider for the first time, played in the rain while Dad and Grandpa cooked the turkey, and then didn’t touch an ounce of his dinner. Granted, we gave him a bunch of vegetables and crackers beforehand so that’s probably why.

The kid even took two naps, which is weird in itself, but it isn’t the miracle I speak of. No, we put Adam to sleep without his pacifier. WITHOUT his pacifier. And it’s been happening for three days now! A couple of nights ago Mike put Adam to bed. When he came down he told me something unusual had happened so he went with it. Adam didn’t ask for his pacifier, so Mike didn’t give it to him.

I had no idea how to react to this because I had been expecting the fight of our lives. Adam loves that thing. Sometimes I hear him stir in the middle of the night and suck on it so loud that it turns on the video monitor. Surely something that gives him that much comfort would be fought for?

But no. He went to sleep without a fuss and he’s been just fine for the most part. There have been a couple of nap time fits, but that’s not because he’s asking for the binkie and we won’t give it to him. It’s because he doesn’t want to go to sleep. My Peanut sure is learning how to try and stall. He wants a book, or “num nums” (food), or anything he can point at really. The fact that Mike and I have flat out refused to give into these stalls has left Adam a bit, um, upset. Okay it’s left him screaming at the top of his lungs in the cutest fit ever.

This is the first bump in the road that I think I haven’t really wrung my hands over. He’s not in pain or scared or anything like that. It’s a good old fashioned fit, and that is something that I not only don’t worry about, I think it’s kind of cute. So he can scream in there for a few minutes and then pass the heck out like he always does until he gets the idea. I’m just going to thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to add “Mom and Dad took away my binkie” as a reason he’s mad at us.

And as for my second son, he’s getting huge. He’s a bit neglected lately in the doting over him department. I realized I haven’t taken an official “pregnancy picture” in quite a while. I did take this one though:


The green ribbon was part of a baby shower game while I was pregnant with Adam. That’s how big I was at 26 weeks when I went home to California. It fit me perfectly yesterday, at 24 weeks. So baby is bigger now than I was at 26 weeks last time. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask my little Tater to be healthy but please don’t come out of me at 10 pounds or something. Cut mama a little slack huh? To make up for neglecting you, I’ll give you a binkie that’s all your own!


Anatomy of a Toddler’s Bath

Adam had peanut butter and Jelly for lunch today, with a side of fresh mango. Either some or all of it ended up in his hair, so afternoon bath time it is!

Step One in giving toddler a bath: ask him for the thousandth time if you can lean him back to wash his hair. (This is greatly preferred over chasing him around with a cup and accidentally pouring water in his face when he won’t keep his head back.)

Step Two: try not to fall over when he not only says yes, but doesn’t freak out when you actually do lean him back.

Step Three: since washing is done in an unprecedented five minutes, pull out the phone and let him mug for the camera.


And love on frog:


Step Four: remove child from bath and put towel on baby (also known as the cutest he ever looks. Ever.)


Oh and there he goes.

IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0392

Step Five: chase child down and watch him so he doesn’t pee on the carpet.

Step Six: Hang out while baby contemplates life in the nude.


And checks out his toys.


And puts last winter’s boots on before diaper or clothes.


Step Seven: wrestle child into submission in order to lotion him up. (Don’t take pictures because that would be like taking pictures while holding down a greased pig. It’s just not happening.)

Step Eight: Diaper on! Success! Then watch him as he does…whatever this is:


Oh and he’s off again!

IMG_0400 IMG_0401

Step Nine: make feeble attempt to dress your child before saying, forget this he won’t freeze.

Step Ten: realize your child will always be one step ahead of you. Like when he requests you put his pants on right after you resolve yourself to letting him run around in just a diaper and socks.

IMG_0402 IMG_0404

Well played, Peanut. Well played.

Vacation Breakdown

We’ve been home for nearly a week from our California vacation, and I’ve been trying to write a blog post the whole time. Life gets in the way, though. Adam and I came back with sinus infections and a cough, which we gave to Mike to fight off this weekend. My nephew Tyler graduated from Army boot camp on Thursday, so Mike and I drove down there to celebrate with him. This weekend was checking things off our to-do list, and cursing the cold weather that’s keeping us from checking things off our to-do list. But finally, at 8:45 on a Sunday evening, I can write down an abbreviated version of our vacation.

The Plane

So I’m not going to lie, this is the one part of the vacation that had Mike and I terrified. TERRIFIED. 5 hours on a plane with an 18 month old tornado? Turns out the trip there was awesome though.


Reading the emergency procedures like a champ.


And snuggling with his favorite person in the world (who recently was upgraded from Dada to Dad-DY!).


We dressed up Adam and went to a pumpkin patch during the day. I put my red cloth diaper to good use to complete the Superman costume.


And then he tried to kiss goats for half an hour.



Good times.

I’ve wanted to do a baby wearing costume since I knew what baby wearing was, but last year Adam was six months old and could not care less about Halloween. He was asleep before sunset so no trick-or-treating there. Since Adam was Superman I wanted to make it look like he was flying, so up onto Dad’s back he went. I found a DIY cloud costume to make for Mike.


I would have carried him but my belly makes it a bit difficult to wear for long periods of time. I dressed up like The Daily Planet newspaper logo, complete with the earth drawn on my belly.


Adam did a really fantastic job trick-or-treating. He even carried his own bucket until it got too heavy for him, and got the “trick” part of trick-or treat down.

IMG_1311 IMG_1314

Forgive the blurriness. They were walking, it was dark, and I was trying to get the right angle.

The Beach

An unexpected but amazing part of the trip was the weather, which made an impromptu trip to the beach possible. I’ve wanted Adam to see the ocean since he was born, so to have the chance to let him walk on the sand and feel the water was amazing. I’ll only point out once that his first ocean was the Pacific (OH YEAH!!). I had to get that in since his main ocean will be the Atlantic.






It was a good day.

Seeing Friends

A really good friend of mine, Frankie, has a ten month old baby that we hadn’t met yet, so we trekked down to L.A. to stay over at their house. The trip was amazing. We had Indian food, the kids played like they’d been hanging out their whole lives, and even had a joint bath time to top it all off.

There were a couple of pictures with clothes actually on, but not many.




Later that week we saw another good friend of mine, Jennifer, who I hadn’t seen in a good ten years. She also has a kid who is Adam’s age but they didn’t actually get to play together. When we got there, her son was sleeping so Adam played with his toys. Right as Clayton was waking up, Adam came up to us burning with fever, so Mike took him into the nursery to see if he would nap. That ended up cutting our visit short, but man it was a good one.

Courtney’s Wedding

The principle reason we were actually in California was for my little sister Courtney’s wedding. That morning, my sister Keely, Adam, and I went to her house and met up with (yet another) sister, Jill, to get ready with her. We had an awesome morning.



The family with the beautiful bride. Then it was time to party!!

IMG_1327 IMG_1325 IMG_1340 IMG_1333 IMG_1324

Adam spent 90% of the time getting down on the dance floor. I actually had to walk away and have him look at the waves just so he would eat dinner. It was stressful running after a toddler, but still a really good night. We cut out early before Adam got so tired that he had a meltdown, and he slept most of the way home. That much partying will knock a kid out.

And Family

In between all of that stuff, was all of this stuff.

IMG_0220 IMG_0225 IMG_0228 IMG_1540 IMG_1530IMG_1511 IMG_1537 IMG_1623 IMG_1619 IMG_1640 IMG_0204 IMG_0208

IMG_0238 IMG_0253

Too much awesomeness to adequately capture.


Words Adam has acquired recently: Papa, Nana, Coco (Courtney), Kiki (Keely), Am (Amy), Momo (Morgan), toast, ball, no, pumpkin, up, and my personal favorite, donut. Auntie Jill isn’t quite as easy to say but he’ll get there.
I think it’s safe to say that his language is absolutely exploding. It seems like every day he adds new words to his vocabulary. Things that we had no idea were even on his radar are coming out of his mouth with such clarity that Mike and I sit temporarily stunned. Then we do what parents do and try to get him to say it on video while he whines because, didn’t you hear me? I want a donut!

We’ve always tried to watch our language in front of him (Mike is better at it then me), but now we REALLY have to be aware of what comes out of our mouth. I’m not in the camp of people that thinks a foul-mouthed toddler is adorable so teaching him to drop an F-bomb is not going to happen.

I can’t wait until this kid can tell me what’s going on in his head. Signing has helped a lot in keeping his frustration from bubbling over somewhat, but I can see that he wants to just tell me what he wants instead of the elaborate game of charades we’ve got going on now. It’s clear that we don’t have long until a sentence pops out of that sweet little face. I think once it happens we’ll have some great conversations ahead of us.