Attack Of The Travel Neuroses

Things to do before the family takes a trip to California:

1. Finish Halloween costumes

2. Try to keep the house clean so there isn’t much to do while I’m trying to get everything else done.

3. Pack, pack, pack.

4. Try not to fuh-reak the heck out about taking an 18 month old kid on a cross country plane trip.

5. Find a few new toys to distract previously mentioned 18 month old kid on a cross country plane trip.

6. Hope against hope that planes have some kind of magic nap-giving power.

7. Don’t forget something incredibly important and needed by your child.

8. Commence Operation Eat ALL The Food

9. Resist the urge to pack every single wrap and baby carrier you own, even though there’s going to be tons of room in the checked bags!! TONS! I’m limiting myself to two: one to carry Adam through the airport and one to pack for our rocking baby wearing Halloween costume (pics to follow).

10. Try not to sit in bed at 3 in the morning going through a mental checklist of how we’re going to get out of the house and onto the damn plane. This is point in the trip where I will change from cranky Hell Beast who snaps at the love of her life and be like, yay we’re going to California!

In reality I’m kind of feeling ok with taking such a big trip. We’ve got a good plan for getting through the airport, and the checked bags eliminates the need to pack extra super light. Now I can be neurotic about taking warm and cold weather clothes (even though it’s 88 degrees in California today and I could probably take Adam to the beach)!

We also bought Adam a seat of his own, and I’m more and more glad that we did. The thought of a toddler being forced to sit on my lap for hours on end makes me break out in hives. Not to mention, could you imagine being the third person in that row? I can’t do that to someone. Adam likes his own space and I really think it’ll be the best thing for all of us in the long run.

I miss my family so, so much. Only three of them have actually met Adam so I’m glad to be able to introduce the whole clan to my baby. He’s been practicing their names and has a surprising amount of them down. My favorite? The way he says Coco (aka Courtney) with the cutest puckered up lips in the entire world.

I really can’t wait for this trip, travel freak-outs or not.


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