He’s Going To Be A Soccer Player…

At 12 weeks I saw his little foot move. It was a huge relief, since I was sitting in the hospital ER at the time.

At 15 weeks he was kicking and moving around when we found out his sex.

At 18 weeks the tech had to chase him around as he flip flopped all over my uterus, until the exact point that she wanted to see the backside of his heart. Then he decided it was sleepy time and had to be jiggled around. I’m sure he loved that.

Today (18w, 4d), he’s been dancing around all evening in a fantastic rolling motion. What’s even cooler is that I have a somewhat good idea of what body parts I’m feeling, since a nice little diagram was drawn for me after the ultrasound. For the record, he’s laying on his left side with his head to the right of my belly button. His butt is laying on my hip (well that explains a lot), and his feet are curled on the bottom of my belly.

Unless something happens again, I won’t have another ultrasound. The next time I see our little dude he’ll be in my arms. I’m cool with that though, because feeling him moving around is all the proof I need that my little potato sized baby (hereby known as Tater) is in there and doing awesome.

10-13-14 Ultrasound

Say hi Tater!!

5 inches and 8 ounces. A fully formed human with fingers, toes, eyelids, and a lot of fattening up to do.

Speaking of fully formed humans, Adam and Mike played in the rain a couple of days ago and it melted my hormonal heart into a puddle of goo.


Say hi Peanut!

30 1/2 inches, 20 pounds of skinny deliciousness. Saying more words than I can keep up with and blowing my mind daily with his loving squeezes and toddler mood swings. Also the eating with utensils thing. I didn’t think it would be such a big change, but it really is! I see all of the baby in him disappearing and my little helper emerging.

Also, here’s the obligatory baby-bump’s-a-growin’ picture.


I think this will be the last time I wear that shirt. The print is screaming pretty loud there.

And how’s Mike doing you ask?


Awesome, as usual. Living life, being amazing. Same old, same old.

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