Kid Free Weekend

Scene: My dining room, last weekend

Mike (to his parents): Soooo… How would you like to have Adam over next weekend?

Mike’s Parents: Sure! (because they love our little tornado even if he is exhausting)

And so this weekend we got some free time to do some wild and crazy things, like leave the bathroom door open and set our hot tea on the end table. Wild you guys!

Friday night we finally decided on and bought a color for Adam’s new big brother room. He’s moving down the hall into the bigger room, and the nursery will stay the nursery for a little while longer. We’re not going to paint in there but there will be some other colors brought in so I don’t feel like our little one is getting the short end of the stick on the decorations. Although I suppose he should get used to it because nearly every piece of clothing he’s going to wear for the rest of his life will be hand-me-downs from his big brother. It’s the life of the younger kids right?


We went through four different colors before deciding on the top right color (Haven, super fancy). I insisted on samples this time because when we painted the nursery the color ended up being a little bit too much for me. I feel like it could have been softer.


So we got to work after a very appropriate painting party dinner, pizza. I must say we worked very well together! I taped the low stuff and did some edging while Mike used the roller, I used the roller while Mike edged the ceiling. Team Williamson was out in full force. A couple hours later we were almost done.

Like we had this much left:


Like two more feet of wall and then we’d be DONE. I was working in an area past the drop cloth and got a giant blob of paint on the carpet. After a few f-bombs and a lot of panicking, I managed to make the small blob and even bigger and now rubbed into the carpet mess.

Enter the internet. I love the internet. In less than five minutes I found a tutorial on how to get latex paint out of carpet (vinegar! who knew!!). So I got most of it out but if you look hard enough you can probably see where I was blotting for a good ten minutes. And then I gave myself a break because this is going to be a little boy’s room. That tiny spot is the least of my worries.

After the blob incident, we finished the tiny part of the wall, took off the edge tape and ta-dah!!!


Pretty green room for the big brother! We’re going to add blue curtains and paint his dresser the same color. Mike found a green, blue, wood scheme in a paint catalog and it’s adorable and also will grow with him so it’s not a ‘baby’ room. I love it.

After cleaning up and going to bed at midnight, we thought we’d increase the exhaustion by spending the day at Ikea. Oh yeah, the furniture Mecca was calling to us. We don’t go often enough because it’s about an hour and a half away and we aren’t willing to make the trek with Adam. And after how tired we were after our trip, I’d say that’s a good idea.

I’m pretty sure Ikea should change it’s motto to: Ikea, the black hole where you lose all track of time and don’t realize the sun has gone down.

We did get some good stuff though! A new tableware set for eight people, a full length mirror for our bathroom that sits close to the wall because Adam kept trying to crush himself with our old framed one, and the cutest big kid chair for Adam.


It looks like a real chair but the seat is higher so he doesn’t need a booster seat. He already wants to sit in our chairs and we get the feeling that his high chair is quickly becoming an annoyance for him. So he gets to join the big kids and make way for little brother (again, sorry son but you’re the youngest so, hand-me-down city for you).

After our trip we decided to get some food before the ride home, but it was becoming very clear that I had overworked myself and didn’t eat or drink nearly enough. My head was killing me and the old familiar nausea of morning sickness had returned. When trying to figure out what to eat just talking about different restaurants make my stomach turn, so Mike got the task of choosing. He settled on Carraba’s, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

When we got there, Mike begged some bread from the hostess so I could work on getting my stomach in order. After we sat down Mike got some amazing tomato soup that I happily dipped the bread in and tried to feel better. I didn’t get better though. I took a trip to the bathroom to expel everything I had eaten thus far. Did I mention said bathroom had people in every other stall? Yep, it sure was full of people listening to me throw up in public.

Oh well, at least I look pregnant now so nobody is going to think I’m diseased or something. I went to the sink afterward where a woman was trying not to look directly at me lest she let me know that she knew what I was doing. I dabbed my watery eyes and cleaned up my face, then tried to make small talk with a nice lady and her toddler. I’ll tell you what though, sometimes you just need to throw up when you’re sick so you feel better. And I did!

I had an amazing salad and a lot more of Mike’s tomato soup and it really hit the spot. My headache calmed, my stomach stopped turning and I felt a ton better. I still went straight to bed to watch TV though when we got home, and I fell asleep so quickly that I don’t remember falling asleep.

This morning Mike and I vowed to do nothing before Adam gets home. So of course we put Adam’s chair together and I’m writing while Mike is doing the dishes. Maybe not nothing, but not running around killing ourselves either. Ikea was totally worth it though. A trip to Ikea will always be worth it.


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