My Boys

So there’s this human I grew a while back. You might remember. He came along in April of 2013. And he’s incredible. To say that a little boy is blossoming out of this kid is an understatement. The little boy is exploding with the force of a thousand suns.


He officially wants to fix everything. After we saw him doing this we bought him a tool set. He was so engrossed in it the first day that I asked him if he wanted to go bye-bye (his favorite thing in the world!), and he ignored me. Flat out didn’t even look up.


The daredevil is coming out of him. While I was snapping this picture he swung the other leg over the couch and slid off. I think if I’d let him he’d climb over the back he would do that too. Mom is so not ready for that yet. I know it’s coming, but I’m going to delay it as long as humanly possible. So like, a month or two?


He’s also my little helper. While I was sweeping the floor after dinner, Adam was desperate to get the broom. I gave him the smaller one, which only kept him busy until I was done with the big one. Then it was, MINE! All mine!! He played with that broom for a good 20 minutes, which let me clean up the food and start with the dishes. Done, and done.


PB&J is routinely destroyed by my little man. Just the first in a growing list of foods that he eats without a fuss. A few nights this week we’ve sat down for dinner, offered him what we were eating, and he just eats it. Just like that.

And then, there’s this little one.


How can someone not be born yet and still be so amazing? We’ve had a couple of ultrasounds now because I’ve bled a couple times (everything is still great!), and this little thing is just out of this world. Both times I’ve been able to see this second human that I’m growing moving around in there.

During the second ultrasound we had on Friday, the tech asked us if we wanted to find out what the sex was.

Uh yeah! Yes please tell us a month early! Go!

And so she did. We’re having a boy!! Mike and Adam were both there for the big reveal. I’ll keep his privacy private and won’t show you the very clear picture of peep that we have. But trust us, it’s a boy.

I am the mother of two sons. My boys. My wrestling, messy, chaotic future is set and I can’t wait to see it all.


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