Late Night Cuddles

I haven’t had much sleep the last couple of nights. On Sunday Adam woke up at 2am. He wasn’t upset or in pain or anything. He was just awake. I did my normal middle of the night routine: change his diaper in the dark, find his pacifier if needed, turn his white noise back on. Usually this works and boom, baby is asleep again. Not so much that night.

An excerpt from our conversation we had in the rocking chair.


“Time to go to bed honey. Lay down.”


“Daddy’s sleeping. Let’s go to sleep too.”


Now, while I think his goat impression is just stellar, I’d rather he practice during business hours when Mom has had more than three hours of sleep, or can at least caffeinate herself. He didn’t stop at goats either, oh no. Cows made an appearance, all sorts of animals that roar, you name it. After trying in vain to get him to lay down for over an hour, I brought him downstairs for a snack and a cuddle while we watched The Roosevelts documentary. (It’s pretty good. You should watch it if you haven’t.)

At about 4, with no end in sight to my child’s middle of the night alertness, I decided to just put him back in bed and wait him out. He did fall back to sleep, but it was 5am and I’d been awake for three hours. I collapsed on the couch, which is where Mike found me Monday morning.

Yesterday we were very tired. So of course, Adam woke up at 4. This time, he was wanting to go to sleep but wouldn’t let me leave him. We cuddled on the couch again until I thought he was asleep. Thought being the operative word here, because he was not asleep. When I put him down he started crying and calling to me, so to the guest bed we went. He cuddled up next to me and closed his eyes, and protested loudly when I got up to close the door. I was shocked at how easily he went to sleep, because normally being in bed with Mike or me makes him want to play. Luckily this night time visit only lasted an hour and a half and we slept in until past 9.

I should be wrecked today but I actually have a lot of energy. I think it’s the beautiful Fall day we’re having. It’s brisk, in the 60s, and I got to dress Adam and myself up in long sleeves and warm clothes. It’s my favorite season by far, so it always puts me in a good mood. I can’t wait to break out my favorite boots. Hopefully this pregnancy I won’t swell quite so much since I don’t have a commute, and I’ll actually be able to zip them up.

**Writing break to get Adam out of bed.**

I don’t know what the deal is. Adam only slept for an hour, after staying awake much longer this morning than usual. I’m going to go with some kind of physical/verbal growth spurt. He’s been talking up a storm today andĀ his canines are looking mighty pointy under that skin. It’s probably a perfect storm of development.

If you’ll excuse me, a book was just produced and I’m now required by Mommy law to read it.

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