The Ugly Cry And The Perfect Day

A couple days ago Mike told me that my birthday present was a trip to the beach next week. So of course I promptly made an appointment to have hair ripped from my body. I spent the morning at an uber swanky spa that was surprisingly affordable and came home utterly relaxed.

Adam had slept the whole time I was gone and it allowed Mike to get a bunch of stuff done, including to my delight, cleaning the kitchen! As I walked into my room to deposit my winter clothes scored at wicked Labor Day prices, I noticed it. A package sitting on my bed. Last week I bought a few cloth diapers but those had already come in the mail. I had no clue what it was until I saw the return address. 

TULA. It was a Tula. 

“What is this?!?!?!” I shrieked to Mike. “Oh my gosh it’s a TULLLLAAAAAA!!!!” At this point I was ripping the package open because my most coveted baby carrier in the world was somehow inexplicably on my bed. And it was addressed to me! I finally got through two of those postal service envelopes and what fell out? Spotted Love. 


Isn’t she beautiful? 

Oh wait I should explain why at this point I was sobbing and clutching this baby carrier to my chest as if I had just won the lottery. Because I had just won the lottery. Tulas are a well-made, comfortable, crazy cute carrier that I have never heard a bad word about. I’ve wanted one for as long as I’ve known they existed, but couldn’t justify having one since I’ve already acquired a nice stack of wraps and carriers already. I was even considering selling one of them to fund a Tula. Not only do I not have to do that now, but the note that came in the package made everything 100 times more wonderful. 

Dear Tricia,

We decided to get your dream carrier because we love you and you deserve to enjoy the moments of holding your little ones close. 

Love, Mary, Xochitl, Frankie, Sarah, Jennifer, and Natalie

Six of my best friends from high school had gotten together and bought me the carrier. Well needless to say there were a couple of phone calls where my ugly cry made it impossible to speak, so I decided to just write my thank you to them before I passed out. 

I finally caught my breath and relaxed a little bit and Mike asks me, “Don’t you want to try it on?” Oh yeah!!!


Like a glove. 

After lunch we were planning to go to a Farmer’s Fair down the road from our house and it became the perfect way to try out the carrier. I wore Adam for a little while and it was very comfortable, but the temperature was really high and it was very humid so we switched to a more airy backpack type carrier. I got a good picture though! 


Adam just wanted to see the vroom vroom. 

Having this carrier in my possession just solidifies my incredible love of baby wearing. The joy I’ve gotten from carrying Adam close to me is hard to describe, but it’s given me moments like this:

 IMG_0095 IMG_0471

IMG_0581 IMG_0732


And it’s made me swoon over Mike time and time again: 

IMG_0135 IMG_0435 IMG_1180 IMG_1872 

Even my family has gotten in on the love: 





I’ll wear Adam until he’s physically too big to carry or he only wants to go in the stroller (he loves the stroller too!). I’ll wear the new baby just as long. I’ll even put one on my back and one on my front. I’ll hold my kids close for as long as I possibly can. 

To everyone who got me the Tula, and to everyone who got me my Ergo while I was pregnant with Adam, and to everyone who gave me money for my birthday and Christmas that helped me buy my wraps: rest assured that it was money well spent. There’s a lot of love shared in these baby carriers, and a lot more still to come. 


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