All Systems Normal

Today was the kind of perfect day that you wish for all summer. There was a beautiful breeze, the sky was mostly clear with gorgeous puffy cumulus clouds on the horizon, and it was maybe 80 degrees. It was cool enough that when I went to the store I was able to wrap Adam on my back for the first time in quite a while. And, let me tell you. I miss wrapping Adam So. MUCH. 

Since all of the unpleasantness with my stomach started five weeks ago, it’s been a very tough to get him up. I get nauseous, I sweat, and I end up wrapping him too loose or too low and my back hurts by the time I’m done shopping. So into the cart he went, instead of snuggling with me and laying his head down on my back while we shop. He did that today, and it made me so happy that I bought him a present: pajamas with elephants, monkeys, and fire trucks. I mean, two of his favorite animals and a vroom vroom?!?! This kid is going to never want to take these pjs off!

Mike and I think Adam misses being wrapped too. There were a couple of weeks where he didn’t sleep well and was very restless. He wasn’t sick, hasn’t cut any teeth, and since Mike started to wrap him more after work he’s gone back to sleeping all night. Needless to say, I’m very glad that I’m feeling better and could give my Peanut some much needed cuddles. 

The reason I’m feeling better? Zantac, the miracle acid reducing pill. I take it every night before bed and it keeps everything settled so I can, you know, eat. My midwife is a beautiful human being for telling me to take it and I will continue doing so until my second trimester so my aversions don’t come back. 

Other than a couple of pounds I need to put back on, I really do feel a lot better lately. I’m cooking again, eating (with some really fun and weird food cravings emerging), and I’m back to sleeping through the night. The casserole dish was brought out for the second time in two weeks so I could make shepherd’s pie (yum!!). Last week it was enchiladas that I very nearly ate by myself. Mike got two, but only because I specifically saved them and told him to eat them. Because I’m a good wife. 

On the baby front, our little bun in the oven is growing well and starting to make my belly stick out. According to my weekly pregnancy calendar, it’s the size of a small lemon. I don’t know how much longer my normal shorts will fit but if I can make it to the fall I’ll be happy. I don’t want to buy any maternity shorts just to wear them for a few weeks. If the cool weather this week is any indication, Fall might come a little early and save me. 

Aaaand there’s the timer telling me I can dig into a giant casserole that might (MIGHT) last a couple of days. I mean, I’m still down two pounds! How else am I going to get them back?



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