My Gas Baby And The Pregnant Lady Grumps

As I write this I’m 8 weeks pregnant, although since we haven’t told most people I’ll be saving it to publish later. I want to document everything I can so I can share the experience with friends and family who don’t live close to me.

A few local people know already (my best friend, my play group, and my in-laws). For my side of the family I want to tell them when we have our Fantasy Football draft on the 23rd (18 horribly long days away!). But all I want to do when I talk to one of them is shout to the rooftops that baby number two is on its way!!! It’s funny because the last time I was home I was five months pregnant with Adam, and this time when we go in late October I’ll be four months pregnant. Apparently I only go home when I get knocked up.

Other than really close due dates, this pregnancy has been drastically different than the last one. The first couple of weeks I craved every food there was on the planet. One day I had a craving for Chipotle, Indian food, Zaxby’s, and Italian. Then, as if to play a cruel, cruel joke, I hit week six and morning sickness hit me. BIG TIME.

There is no food that sounds appetizing. Nothing that I can look at and not gag a little. I’m so hungry though! This has created a particularly heinous brand of pregnant rage. I’m grumpy because I’m hungry and in pain and I’m tired and bloated and GET AWAY ARGGHHHH!! Adam is really the only human I can handle being in the same room with sometimes.

Last time I could eat basically anything except ranch dressing. I would vomit occasionally and be totally fine afterward, but I never had the aversion to all food like I do this time. (Note: I know I’m going to get a thousand people saying “maybe it’s a giiiiirrrlll!!!”. Maybe it is, maybe it’s another boy. They’re all different! My sister had the exact same pregnancy twice and ended up with a boy and a girl. End of pregnant lady rant.)

All of this eating-to-survive has left me a couple of pounds lighter. The beautiful gas baby that exploded the minute I got pregnant has dissipated. I had to break out the prego clothes a couple of times but this week I can actually button my shorts. That’s not to say I don’t still wear my insanely comfortable maternity skirt every chance I get. What? It’s comfy!!

There have been a couple good days lately where I can actually get food down, and it makes a world of difference. This morning, for instance, I was feeling really gross and barely ate anything. This meant I was super tired and didn’t want to clean the house even though it desperately needed it. I made breakfast for dinner, though, and after a nice filling egg, bacon, and cheese bagel I went into crazy cleaning lady mode. I got the laundry, dishes, and baby cleaned all after 5pm tonight.

Of course there are still dishes in the kitchen because they were so piled up that they didn’t all fit in the dishwasher. I tried to clean them. I so tried! But after Adam went to bed I put the laundry away and cleaned up all of the non-dishes in the kitchen, and cleaned off the table and Adam’s high chair, and just couldn’t make myself do anymore. It’s 9:15 after all and I’m beat. I’ll get it tomorrow morning while Adam is eating breakfast.

So that’s what’s going on so far. Hungry. Tired. Angry. Your basic first trimester trifecta. Hopefully I can get it all under control and the nausea stops sooner rather then later. Last time it lasted until 13 weeks. We’ll see I guess!


*Update* I’m still down 4 pounds even though every day has been a little better. I also told my family a week and a half before the draft, because we heard a heartbeat and I didn’t want to wait!


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