Triple Birthday Party Weekend

Between Friday and Sunday, I went to three birthday celebrations. It was the busiest weekend I’ve had in a very long time, so today Adam and I are doing NOTHING. Nothing, nothing! Okay, I vacuumed. But nothing else!

Friday night was the first bash. It was Mike’s aunt’s birthday and we all went out to a steakhouse for her annual birthday dinner. We missed last year because we had a 5 month old and he wasn’t the most reliable kid when it came to riding in cars, so we said sorry we’ll see you next year! There were 10 adults and 3 kids so the table was long and didn’t really lend itself to stimulating conversation, but we still had a good time. I eventually went to the other end of the table to talk to the people down there so at least I got to say hi I was here I swear! Adam was pretty wiggly and wanting all the things everywhere, but there were no major meltdowns. Mike played the baby entertainer admirably.

The drive home worried us the most. Not only was it about half an hour past his bedtime, but it was also going to get dark before we got home. Adam has historically lost his mind in the backseat when it’s dark. That night though? Not a peep. He hung out in the backseat with his binky in and just chilled the entire 45 minute ride. A few times we though he had gone to sleep, but then he’d make a noise and prove that he was just being an angel.

Birthday number two was for one of the boys in Adam’s play group. The party started at noon, which was perfect for the birthday boy because it was between his two naps. It was actually during Adam’s nap though, so I was a bit worried about him being too tired. Of course, on the way over I was 10 minutes from the house and my sweet boy who had fought sleep the whole way over conked out. Like that slack look that says I am ASLEEP. So, I parked in a Starbucks with a chai latte and was 20 minutes late but at least he got some sleep!

That small nap helped tremendously and Adam was such a good boy again. He played nicely, charmed the grown ups, ate lunch (and snacks! and ice!) like a champ, and really looked like he was having a great time. I had a great time too. The party was chill, there weren’t too many kids creating chaos, and I had a fabulous conversation with my friend’s dad.

Even having only slept for 30 minutes, Adam didn’t go back to sleep the rest of the day. As soon as we got home I put him down for a nap, but he just laid up there for an hour. I’ll call it “quiet time” I guess.

Sunday was an unprecedented party number 3. This one was later in the afternoon so Adam had his nap and was happy as pie when we got there. The party was held at a place called The Little Gym, which is one of those giant padded play rooms where kids can hop and play and climb to their hearts content without hurting themselves.

Note: I managed to hurt Adam on the one piece of equipment that wasn’t bubble-wrap soft. He was climbing up a tiny climbing wall and as I tried to help him by lifting his hips a bit he lost grip with his arms and face planted into it. He cried and cuddled for a minute and then, through his tears, pointed to the ground as if to say “I’m not done playing mom thanks for the cuddles gotta go!”

I had a fantastic time at this party too. It was different than the first but equally as good. I don’t have pictures from the first two days but here are some from Sunday. (Sorry about the blurriness of some of them. My kid moves fast!)










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