Slides And Mosquitos

Yesterday Adam and I went to a friend’s gender reveal party (it’s a boy! Yay!). It was held outside under a big shelter with picnic tables and a play area for kids. Normally Adam is the oldest baby at these get-togethers, but this time he was one of six kids his age. There was also one older boy with a toddler brother, so you could tell he was used to playing with kids that age.

When we got there I set Adam down next to me expecting that he might hold onto my leg or want to be picked back up like he usually does. No such thing happened this time though! He walked around like he owned the place, going up to the other kids and smiling at them. A couple of the toddlers were already at the playground, and the older boy invited Adam to come along to play. Adam took his hand and walked right over with him to play!

Now, I really, really don’t want to be a helicopter mom. Like really. So I stayed a respectable distance back from them so I could see how he handled the situation. After being dubbed “baby!!!!” by a two year old, he joined the group like a champ. The playground was extremely toddler friendly and Adam was able to climb it all on his own and I didn’t feel the need for the first time ever to climb with him to make sure he didn’t tumble off the stairs.

I’m so glad I let him go. Not only did he go down the slide by himself (twice!), he had a great time doing it. No apprehension anywhere to be found.

The only downside to this wonderful event? There were mosquitos everywhere! The kind that make me welt and itch immediately. Today I counted 12 bites on my legs and arms. Adam even has one on his head, although it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. Next time I’ll make sure to wear pants when I hang out outside at sunset. Lesson learned, but man did I have a good time!


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