When we woke up this morning, it was officially the longest Mike and I had ever gone without seeing Adam. He was with Grandma and Grandpa on his first sleepover ever. We didn’t plan for it to happen, but Mike’s mom Darla offered to keep him for a couple days on a whim and after a bit of talking ourselves into it, we accepted.

I think Adam is probably having the time of his life, but Mike and I are missing our little Peanut something fierce. Grandma has been an angel all day, sending us updates about naps and how he’s eating and assuring us that he’s doing well.

Mike had to go to work today, but I got my first real day off since I gave birth. So, naturally, I slept until 10am, did nothing much all morning, then went shopping. Naturally! Then I met up with Mike after work and we had a dinner and a movie date. I could have cleaned the house from top to bottom, but then I would have had to make my family move out so that it never got dirty again. Who wants that? So it was leisure all the way.

Even though I had a good day, there’s been a weird little pull in my belly. The internal alarm clock I have keeps going off but I don’t have to do that task. Making Adam’s lunch, checking his diaper, find the baby and make sure he isn’t destroying something, all unnecessary today. It’s funny how this tiny person has become so much a part of my day.

Our baby Peanut comes home tomorrow and I’m going to snuggle the crap out of him. I miss my sweet boy.


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