Father’s Day, Take Two

Our second Father’s Day passed yesterday, and it’s hard to believe Mike and I have been at this parenting gig long enough to be celebrated twice! It was a fantastic weekend. Saturday the boys and I drove into town to pick out Mike’s gift, a hiking backpack. I drew a comic for him that said what it was going to be, and I was so excited for him to see it that I gave it to him on Friday night. 


I know, I know. Tricia’s got skills right? 

On Sunday Mike’s parents came over and we hung out, played outside and ordered pizza. We also recreated a picture that I took last Father’s Day of Mike and Adam. Prepare to AWWWW your face off, because seriously check this out: 


So it was a great day and we all had a good time. And Adam was so worn out that he slept through both nights without a peep. Every day should be a holiday, I think. I’ll end with a picture that should have been a mistake, but is so perfect in so many ways that I just can’t stop staring at it, and will probably frame it. 



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