Father’s Day, Take Two

Our second Father’s Day passed yesterday, and it’s hard to believe Mike and I have been at this parenting gig long enough to be celebrated twice! It was a fantastic weekend. Saturday the boys and I drove into town to pick out Mike’s gift, a hiking backpack. I drew a comic for him that said what it was going to be, and I was so excited for him to see it that I gave it to him on Friday night. 


I know, I know. Tricia’s got skills right? 

On Sunday Mike’s parents came over and we hung out, played outside and ordered pizza. We also recreated a picture that I took last Father’s Day of Mike and Adam. Prepare to AWWWW your face off, because seriously check this out: 


So it was a great day and we all had a good time. And Adam was so worn out that he slept through both nights without a peep. Every day should be a holiday, I think. I’ll end with a picture that should have been a mistake, but is so perfect in so many ways that I just can’t stop staring at it, and will probably frame it. 



Camping Roundup

As mentioned previously, the family packed up and went camping last weekend, sans baba. Other than the constant fear that Adam was going to revolt because we took away his bedtime meal, we had a great time! Hanging Rock State Park is only an hour and a half away from where we live, but it feels like a world apart. 



We drove up in the morning to meet Mike’s parents, who had planned a zip line excursion for that afternoon. We would have gone, but I guess strapping your baby to your back and careening through the treetops is frowned upon by insurance companies. So, we had the afternoon free to explore a bit. 

There are a couple of really short, easy (HA!) trails that go down to some waterfalls so we decided to go down there and get some pretty pictures. I scoff at the word easy because you descend about half a mile straight down to see them, then have to climb the staircase from hell to get back to where you started. The waterfalls were very pretty though, and totally worth it. 


The rest of the day was spent at the campsite, where Adam had the time of his life playing outside and eating copious amounts of dirt. No really, the evidence was clear the next day that he was actually eating it. 


It’s all good though. Little kids eat dirt. I’m cool with that. 

The next day we were leaving and Mike still had homework to do when we got home, so we didn’t wait for Adam to take his morning nap before we headed out on the hike to Hanging Rock. I was so determined to get that kid to sleep in the carrier, which hasn’t happened since last year and has never happened on my back, so I gave him milk before we left and even brought out binky. The whole hike I was like, sleep kid! Sleep! Then we got to the top and he was not sleeping. Not even a little bit.





*Note: I know Adam looks quite cranky in every single photo where he’s being worn, but I promise he’s not! He gets very Zen and peaceful when he gets wrapped. So Zen, that smiling just isn’t an option. But he’s happy, really! 

On the way down the mountain an amazing thing happened. He laid his head down on my back! Not only that, but he did the soft moan that he does when he’s putting himself to sleep. Everyone noticed that he was starting to go to sleep and all of a sudden everyone just stopped talking. A few minutes later, this happened: 


We have a sleeping baby everyone! The baby has gone to sleep! Wooo hoooooo!!

The trail was pretty rough in some places and his head wasn’t very secure like that, so I broke out the hood on my carrier for the first time ever!



It looks crazy, but I promise he was comfortable under there and slept for 45 minutes on my back. Victory! 

The whole weekend was a lot of fun. Adam hasn’t spent the night many places other than home so I thought it was a good chance for him to have his schedule shaken up a bit, and Mike and I got a whole weekend with two more people to chase him around. I call that a win! I can’t wait to get out and explore some more this summer. I’m sure Adam is looking forward to sampling the many kinds of dirt NC has to offer. 

Bye Bye Baba

This weekend Mike, Adam, and I packed up the car and headed to a Hanging Rock State Park to camp with Mike’s parents. The full roundup of our adventures will be coming soon, but I just had to do a post about our unexpected dumping of Adam’s bottle. 

While packing for our trip on Friday I was on a roll. We were staying for one night so I was determined not to overpack. I had our diaper bag for Adam’s clothes and a reusable grocery bag with his food, diapers, and toys. That’s IT. I was so proud of myself. The list of things we brought on our first overnight trip was immense. And he was breastfeeding! So needless to say I pared stuff down, knowing he was going to be so busy eating dirt that he wouldn’t need any toys unless it rained ( I was right, he ate a lot of dirt). 

What does all of this have to do with moving away from Adam’s bottle? Well, I remembered to pack everything except the bottle. Milk, water bottle, straw cup, pacifier, breakfast, lunch, dinner, I got all of that! But the warm bottle of milk that lulls my baby to sleep? Nope. Gone. None of that. 

Since we were in the woods when I realized my mistake and that there was no going back, we both kind of shrugged and took an attitude like, it was going to have to happen sooner or later. We had the pop-top water battle and a straw cup so he could still drink milk, just not at bedtime like he usually has it.

Our first test came a couple of hours after we got there. Adam had only slept an hour that morning so I knew an afternoon nap was essential. And after about 20 minutes he went to sleep! Of course that just pulled me into a false sense of security because when he goes to bed for the night he drinks a lot of milk. Like 10 ounces. So when I offered him some crap water bottle full of his milk he was PISSED. I started putting him to bed at about 8:30. I don’t know how long it took because I was trying to dodge flailing legs and keep Adam from crawling away, but a long time later I gave up and Mike gave it a try. He was still awake at 10:30 when the whole family needed to go to sleep. I went into his little bunk and sat with him a few more minutes and he finally passed out, probably from exhaustion. 

Sunday’s naps weren’t too difficult to deal with because both of them were on the go and he never has a bottle in the car or in the wrap. Last night wasn’t so bad. I think it took a little over an hour, but he wasn’t screaming and crying. He just didn’t have a way to calm himself so I sat with him until he fell asleep. We’ve been putting him down awake for a while now, so it made my heart feel good to watch his little eyes get heavy and finally hear that little sigh he does before he goes to sleep. 

Today’s naps have been infinitely better. I’ve stopped offering milk at bedtime completely. Instead I moved it to when he wakes up. We sit on the couch and I give him a straw cup to drink from and we cuddle while he wakes up. I think that will be the key. He only wants milk from a bottle at bedtime so I took away the milk completely and he seems to have accepted that. This afternoon he was asleep in 20 minutes. I’m going to work back to putting him down awake, but for now I think he needs a little bit of comfort while he gets used to being without the bottle. 

I remain terrified of a late night wake up, but I’m pretty sure that he’s gone into sleeping-through-the-night territory. If he does wake up I guess I’ll hope that he finds his pacifier or I can go in and pat his butt until he goes back to sleep. 

And the pacifier? Well, he only uses it in bed and he only uses it to get to sleep then spits it out. So for now, IT STAYS. 

I Want Watermelon! Except I Don’t!

Adam and I went on a playdate today with my friends Shelly and Dale, their son Joel, and a new friend I had never met and her 5 month old. It was a hot, sweaty kind of afternoon but Adam didn’t care. He and his rosy red cheeks just wanted to conquer the slide at the toddler playground, which he did. And by conquer, I mean sit at the bottom until mom’s back is turned, then climb up the wrong way. I turned around and he was there at the top, all nonchalant like ‘yeah I did that’. Then he proceeded to turn around and try to take a nosedive back down the slide. I was there for that one, so I was able to keep my burgeoning daredevil from attempting his next amazing stunt.

I’m determined to not shy away from the heat this summer. I can’t stand humidity. It makes my hair frizzy and I sweat more than a pro-wrestler at Wrestlemania about 30 seconds after I step out of the house. Ew. I grew up in the desert, where sweat evaporates like it’s supposed to and you don’t feel like you’re walking through pea soup.

But, for my son whom I love, I will brave the outdoors so that he can have some fun. Of course I’ll be chasing him the whole time with sunscreen, a hat, and a giant bottle of water, because we need to hydrate honey! Hydrate! I hope the other moms don’t think I’m weird. They probably do.

Anyway, when we got home, the much-needed hydration continued. I thought today would be the perfect day to feed Adam watermelon for the first time. This fruit is like the end-all be-all of fruit. It’s delicious, full of water, and isn’t filling so I can eat as much as I can shove in my mouth without getting full. Although if you eat half of one at your sixth grade end of year picnic, be prepared to spend most of the day going to the bathroom instead of climbing the most incredible rocket-shaped jungle gym in the world. Just saying.

When I handed Adam the first bite, he seemed to really enjoy it. I broke off a couple bite sized pieces and went to tend to tonight’s dinner, and when I came back it was mostly gone and he was happily munching away!


It’s great mom, I swear. I love it look at me eating all the watermelon!

And then I take him out of the chair and I get this:



A pile of just about all of the watermelon bits that I gave him sucked dry, hiding in his lap. And it was laying on his shorts, the ONE place on his body I hadn’t either removed clothing or added a bib. So now I’m putting pre-treater on his shorts and thinking, does watermelon stain? I guess we’ll find out.

-I had to take a 30 minute  break to cook and feed Adam-

I made a big mistake giving Adam watermelon before his ‘real’ dinner. Even though nearly none of the fruit actually got into his stomach, that apparently is all he wants to eat, ever. Except when I give it to him, then he breaks down into howls because I guess that’s not what he actually wanted. I did manage to get him to eat some beans and vegetable beef, but I had to bribe him in between bites with bits of watermelon. Oy. Toddlers, man. Tiny little dictators who have no idea what they actually want.

I think Adam is transitioning to one nap a day, but isn’t quite used to being up for longer than a few hours. It’s created a bit of a cranky baby. I’ve tried to solve this problem by, you know, put him down for naps, but all that makes is a cranky baby crying upstairs. So we’ve been spending a lot of time wrapped up the last couple of days, and I think bedtime is going to need to be sooner than it has been.

In fact, I think now would be a good time to get the screaming ball of rage at my feet some milk and start the night time routine. Who am I kidding? I just want some cuddles.