Growing Like A Weed

Adam will be 14 months next week. He’s getting bigger and learning more everyday (duh), but I’ve been caught off guard by just how much he’s doing and learning.

Let’s start with the GROWTH, shall we? This is New Year’s Day, 2014:


He was starting to pull himself up, and could sit pretty well on his own, but was really a ground dweller. He didn’t even crawl on his knees yet, just scooted around like a commando on a mission.

This is Adam last week:


Um HELLLOOOO??? What happened to my squishy baby? He used to be a big ball of chub, and now he’s stretched into this skinny, active BOY! It’s only been 5 months! He can run, stand up without holding onto something, and he’s starting to use steps to get up onto the couch. I’m sure in a few months he’ll be able to just kick his leg up and scare the crap out of me by appearing on the couch when he wasn’t on the couch two seconds ago. So much growth in so little time. It’s amazing!

Other than springing up like a weed, Adam is starting to be a pretty good mimic. Words that come out of his mouth are still gibberish, but I’ll ask him to repeat a word I’ve just said and he makes an effort to actually say it. “Thank You” is a big one. I think he understands what I’m trying to get him to say, but his mouth just won’t cooperate. I’ve tried to get him to sign it to me, but he hasn’t caught on as fast as he did with please. I just bribed with food for that one, but once he has it the motivation to learn a new sign isn’t there. I’m sure he’ll get it eventually though. He’s learned so much through seeing someone else do it. I’ve been stretching in the mornings because my neck isn’t in the best shape and I may have taught him how to do downward facing dog like a champ.


All of these new steps that he’s taking has me so happy and excited. He comes up to us for cuddles and hugs now, and even brings a book occasionally. He’s always felt safe with us, but now I think he knows that, yes, this is Mom and Dad and they’re awesome to cuddle with. Just tonight Mike was playing on the floor with him and he climbed into his lap for some epic hugs.

So I guess I’m slowly coming to terms with my tiny baby not being a tiny baby anymore. Too soon he’s going to start actually speaking words. Out of his mouth. I can barely handle this. I don’t know how parents let their kids drive, or date, or anything else that involves not needing us!

I’ll end with a picture from this past weekend. Adam was done playing in the pool and we put him in the kid-sized chair his grandparents got for him. He looked so grown up I just couldn’t handle it.




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