Playing In The Water

Last Memorial Day, Mike, Adam, and I went out and played on a blanket under the umbrella. It was a wonderful and perfect afternoon.


This Memorial Day, our beautiful ball of chub has morphed into a toddler, and hanging out on a blanket isn’t going to cut it. So Mike and I bought a little blow-up pool that he can splash around in outside. This morning, Mike participated in the tried and true parenting tradition of blowing up the pool. Adam needed to help of course.


Don’t let the pictures fool you. Notice the bicycle pump on the floor. Yep. Cheater.

Where was I during this you ask? I was eating a smoothie and enjoying the show.



After a bit of playing in our new spaceship,


we headed outside to fill up the pool. The thought was that we’d fill it up this morning and let the water get warm in the sun so that our precious snowflake wouldn’t get too cold. What we forgot was that we gave birth to a boy, who I’m pretty sure is half fish.


For some reason he didn’t want the hose to be in the pool, though. He kept taking it out and putting the water on his feet.


Since he was soaking wet anyway and was trying to turn our yard into a swamp, we decided to just let him take the plunge. Out of his clothes he went and into the pool.



After a little while of him playing, he started to get noticeably cold. It was early in the morning so it hadn’t warmed up yet, and the water was really cold. So we had to be mean parents and make him get out. What followed was an epic tantrum. The kid did not want to get out of the water, he did not want to dry off, and he DID NOT want to come inside. I have pictures of his delicious bottom lip sticking out and him arching his back while wailing, but Mike says I can’t post them. In his words: “that’s mean”. So, you’re welcome, future Adam. Dad saved you from having your angry face immortalized forever.

Eventually he calmed down and was ravenous, so it was second breakfast for our baby Hobbit and off to bed, where he promptly crashed and burned. I was cleaning up after he went to sleep and I found his shoes and clothes piled up in the laundry room. I know some day I might get annoyed at this because his wet clothes are everywhere and he got his shoes wet and blah, blah, blah.

But today is not that day.



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