Update: I Am a Stupid, Stupid Girl

Sooooo. Last night. Yeah. I totally jinxed myself. Adam (might as well say his name now!) went to bed at 9 like normal, then started to make noise at about 10. This isn’t a big deal and it happens a lot. I just go up, pat his butt, make sure he’s got binky and he’s good to go. 

Or so I thought.

Mike and I went to bed right after that and a couple hours later Adam woke up. It was 1:30, so it was still in the range where I don’t give him milk. After about 4 I do because if I woke up after 7 or 8 hours of sleep I’d be hungry too. I gave him his binky and patted his butt and went back to bed. Adam, however, did not. After about an hour of listening to him moaning off and on I decided he must be hungry. I went upstairs, changed his diaper and fed him, then back to bed. 

I walked downstairs with an empty bottle and a hope that this was it. Ha! Of course this didn’t happen because I’m a stupid, stupid girl and I went and talked about how my kid sleeps through the night! So back up I went because this kid heard all of my braggy words as I wrote them and decided to punish me. 

I cuddled him, laid down in the guest bed with him, and when that didn’t work I gave him MORE milk, put him back in his crib, and went downstairs to wait him out. 

Finally. Finally! At 4:15 am Adam finally quieted down so I could go to bed, almost 3 hours after he woke up. 

Lucky for me he slept in until 8:30 this morning, but that doesn’t make me any less tired. And so, until Adam is a teenager and starts sleeping in until noon, I’ll be keeping radio silence on all things sleep. And if you’re listening to me via your ESP Adam, sorry about last night. Let’s do better tonight yeah? Please?


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