I Dare Not Speak Its Name!

So you know that little human Mike and I made (don’t say his name!)? He has ESP. No really. The kid can read my thoughts. I think his magic mind machine turns on whenever I mention his name. Or think about him. Or begin to even relax or drift into a wonderful slumber.

When he was a newborn I would have trouble sleeping. It might have been that I was so tired I couldn’t sleep, or because I was anticipating the next waking so I couldn’t sleep. Either way, I would lay there forever before I could get my mind to finally shut off and go to sleep. The minute, THE SECOND! I’d fall asleep, the tiny human would wake up and need cuddling. It still happens now during his nap times. I’ll go through my to-do list, then get in bed for some rest befo- oh wait he’s awake never mind. 

The Baby Who Shall Remain Unnamed has been sleeping through the night for a little while now. EXCEPT! Oh yes, except two nights ago when my stupid, stupid self decided to say these words to Mike as we were getting into bed:

“I’m so glad he’s sleeping through the night now. It’s great to get some rest.”

And, like clockwork, that sweet little dictator that came from my belly woke up at 3am and stayed up for an hour. An hour people! He does the same thing when we finally think that he’s gone to sleep and I say something like, “Yeah it was really easy to get him to bed tonight.” Those words are inevitably shoved right back at me because a tiny voice upstairs starts moaning, or babbling, or barking like a dog, and right back upstairs one of us goes to get him back to sleep. 

The moral of this story? If you want your baby to sleep, you must not ever think about them! Trust me on this! 

On a side note, even though The Baby Who Shall Remain Unnamed is only sleeping about 10 hours a night and waking up early, it’s completely worth it. When I went upstairs to collect him this morning he was sitting in his crib playing with animals.

I was greeted with:

“Hi, mama!” 

And I swoon because my spawn is becoming a full on perfect human being. 



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