The Best Baby Stuff (so far)

Mike and I were talking a couple weeks ago, and he suggested I do a post about the best things we’ve gotten for Adam so far. I got a list together of really awesome things. Some of them were given to us (thank you family and friends!), and some of them we bought ourselves. All of them were fabulous purchases.

Fisher Price baby rocker: The one we got isn’t exactly like the link, but the design is the same. I was able to put Adam in this while I cooked or ate and he’d hang out (most of the time) so I could get something done. It also folded up flat so we could get it out of the way when it wasn’t being used. It went bye bye once he started standing up and jumping around because I love my son and I don’t want him to have a broken head. IMG_0555










Stuffed animals: We ended up with a small army of stuffed animals when Adam was born, and at first I didn’t get it. All I could think was, He just stares at them! He’s getting older now, though, and really, REALLY loves his stuffed animals. Little Bear is his constant companion now when he’s wrapped on my back, and no fewer than four lovies are in the crib with him when he goes to bed. Bear (the bigger one) gets dragged around by the arm, which totally brings to life the image Mike and I had in our mind when he was a baby. There’s Snoopy, Owl, Baby Goofy, Mrs. Cow 2, Brutus the Buckeye, etc. They’re all loved and I’m so glad we have them (we don’t need 50 more though!)












This picture also brings me to my next awesome purchase!

Carriers of all kinds: When Adam was a tiny ball of crying rage (aka a newborn), he did not like being put down. For like, anything. We had been gifted an Ergo carrier but he was too small for it. We ended up getting a Moby Wrap, and it became my gateway wrap. I now have two woven wraps, the Moby, the Ergo, and Mike has a backpack that he carries Adam around in. Adam is incredibly calm when he’s being carried and I’m pretty sure the world could fall down around us and it wouldn’t bother him. I’m completely addicted and I want more, MORE, MORE!!! I could devote another post to this topic, but here’s my first one.

Convertible car seat: Adam’s colic/gas/feeding issues were a major part of his first few months of life. Car rides were a nightmare. He’d cry to the point of gagging himself and the hysterics got to me when one day it seemed like he couldn’t breath he was crying so hard. When Mike got home I told him I’m never putting him in that infant car seat torture device ever again (through hormonal heaving sobs of course) and just like magic the convertible car seat appeared. Now that Adam was upright and comfortable the crying in the car became a thing of the past. This is his first ride:












Sleep sack: I had to face it very quickly after Adam was born that he was a swaddle Houdini. He got out of a nurse’s swaddle. A NURSE! We coslept for three months and he came out of the swaddle so often that I just stopped doing it at night. Enter: the sleep sack. It’s constricting enough that he feels sing, but loose enough that he can move around and I could keep it on him even after he started rolling over/crawling/walking. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he grows out of it (probably really soon). I should probably start doing naps without it but he just sleeps so darn good in it! I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Toys with Wheels: A walker, a bus, a zebra, or really anything that can be scooted along the floor while Adam moves behind it has been really awesome. Even though he’s walking like a champ, he still likes to push stuff around. I admit, I’m trying to get him to make a vroom vroom sound, but that hasn’t happened yet. I can’t wait for the day when he realizes he can push himself while riding the zebra and I don’t have to break my back pushing him all over the house.

Cloth Diapers: This is a biggie for me. Cloth diapers have been so darn amazing for us. I haven’t done the math, but I’m assuming the money we’ve saved is somewhere in the bazillion dollar range. Not to mention, they are so incredibly cute! And when future baby number two comes along, I’ll already have them. Of course, if I end up having a girl, some might be traded in for more girly prints, but I think I’ve done pretty good at getting a bunch of gender neutral ones though. Now that Adam is sleeping through the night (more or less), I’ve been cloth diapering at night as well. Multiple feedings just generated too much wetness and he was in a disposable overnight. No more though! Woo hooo! I might get all crazy with the next one and start cloth diapering from day one. Now that I know a lot more I think it could work. Here’s my cutie cute cute baby in his diaper.

I mean, come on!






























As for things I wish I’d had this time? Off the top of my head I think I should have registered for a cosleeper crib (the kind that scoot up to the bed), a Boppy pillow, and a miracle blanket. I’ll keep thinking on it though and write another post on it. In the meantime, tell me what you can’t live without! I’d love to know.


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