Growing Like A Weed

Adam will be 14 months next week. He’s getting bigger and learning more everyday (duh), but I’ve been caught off guard by just how much he’s doing and learning.

Let’s start with the GROWTH, shall we? This is New Year’s Day, 2014:


He was starting to pull himself up, and could sit pretty well on his own, but was really a ground dweller. He didn’t even crawl on his knees yet, just scooted around like a commando on a mission.

This is Adam last week:


Um HELLLOOOO??? What happened to my squishy baby? He used to be a big ball of chub, and now he’s stretched into this skinny, active BOY! It’s only been 5 months! He can run, stand up without holding onto something, and he’s starting to use steps to get up onto the couch. I’m sure in a few months he’ll be able to just kick his leg up and scare the crap out of me by appearing on the couch when he wasn’t on the couch two seconds ago. So much growth in so little time. It’s amazing!

Other than springing up like a weed, Adam is starting to be a pretty good mimic. Words that come out of his mouth are still gibberish, but I’ll ask him to repeat a word I’ve just said and he makes an effort to actually say it. “Thank You” is a big one. I think he understands what I’m trying to get him to say, but his mouth just won’t cooperate. I’ve tried to get him to sign it to me, but he hasn’t caught on as fast as he did with please. I just bribed with food for that one, but once he has it the motivation to learn a new sign isn’t there. I’m sure he’ll get it eventually though. He’s learned so much through seeing someone else do it. I’ve been stretching in the mornings because my neck isn’t in the best shape and I may have taught him how to do downward facing dog like a champ.


All of these new steps that he’s taking has me so happy and excited. He comes up to us for cuddles and hugs now, and even brings a book occasionally. He’s always felt safe with us, but now I think he knows that, yes, this is Mom and Dad and they’re awesome to cuddle with. Just tonight Mike was playing on the floor with him and he climbed into his lap for some epic hugs.

So I guess I’m slowly coming to terms with my tiny baby not being a tiny baby anymore. Too soon he’s going to start actually speaking words. Out of his mouth. I can barely handle this. I don’t know how parents let their kids drive, or date, or anything else that involves not needing us!

I’ll end with a picture from this past weekend. Adam was done playing in the pool and we put him in the kid-sized chair his grandparents got for him. He looked so grown up I just couldn’t handle it.




Playing In The Water

Last Memorial Day, Mike, Adam, and I went out and played on a blanket under the umbrella. It was a wonderful and perfect afternoon.


This Memorial Day, our beautiful ball of chub has morphed into a toddler, and hanging out on a blanket isn’t going to cut it. So Mike and I bought a little blow-up pool that he can splash around in outside. This morning, Mike participated in the tried and true parenting tradition of blowing up the pool. Adam needed to help of course.


Don’t let the pictures fool you. Notice the bicycle pump on the floor. Yep. Cheater.

Where was I during this you ask? I was eating a smoothie and enjoying the show.



After a bit of playing in our new spaceship,


we headed outside to fill up the pool. The thought was that we’d fill it up this morning and let the water get warm in the sun so that our precious snowflake wouldn’t get too cold. What we forgot was that we gave birth to a boy, who I’m pretty sure is half fish.


For some reason he didn’t want the hose to be in the pool, though. He kept taking it out and putting the water on his feet.


Since he was soaking wet anyway and was trying to turn our yard into a swamp, we decided to just let him take the plunge. Out of his clothes he went and into the pool.



After a little while of him playing, he started to get noticeably cold. It was early in the morning so it hadn’t warmed up yet, and the water was really cold. So we had to be mean parents and make him get out. What followed was an epic tantrum. The kid did not want to get out of the water, he did not want to dry off, and he DID NOT want to come inside. I have pictures of his delicious bottom lip sticking out and him arching his back while wailing, but Mike says I can’t post them. In his words: “that’s mean”. So, you’re welcome, future Adam. Dad saved you from having your angry face immortalized forever.

Eventually he calmed down and was ravenous, so it was second breakfast for our baby Hobbit and off to bed, where he promptly crashed and burned. I was cleaning up after he went to sleep and I found his shoes and clothes piled up in the laundry room. I know some day I might get annoyed at this because his wet clothes are everywhere and he got his shoes wet and blah, blah, blah.

But today is not that day.


Update: I Am a Stupid, Stupid Girl

Sooooo. Last night. Yeah. I totally jinxed myself. Adam (might as well say his name now!) went to bed at 9 like normal, then started to make noise at about 10. This isn’t a big deal and it happens a lot. I just go up, pat his butt, make sure he’s got binky and he’s good to go. 

Or so I thought.

Mike and I went to bed right after that and a couple hours later Adam woke up. It was 1:30, so it was still in the range where I don’t give him milk. After about 4 I do because if I woke up after 7 or 8 hours of sleep I’d be hungry too. I gave him his binky and patted his butt and went back to bed. Adam, however, did not. After about an hour of listening to him moaning off and on I decided he must be hungry. I went upstairs, changed his diaper and fed him, then back to bed. 

I walked downstairs with an empty bottle and a hope that this was it. Ha! Of course this didn’t happen because I’m a stupid, stupid girl and I went and talked about how my kid sleeps through the night! So back up I went because this kid heard all of my braggy words as I wrote them and decided to punish me. 

I cuddled him, laid down in the guest bed with him, and when that didn’t work I gave him MORE milk, put him back in his crib, and went downstairs to wait him out. 

Finally. Finally! At 4:15 am Adam finally quieted down so I could go to bed, almost 3 hours after he woke up. 

Lucky for me he slept in until 8:30 this morning, but that doesn’t make me any less tired. And so, until Adam is a teenager and starts sleeping in until noon, I’ll be keeping radio silence on all things sleep. And if you’re listening to me via your ESP Adam, sorry about last night. Let’s do better tonight yeah? Please?

I Dare Not Speak Its Name!

So you know that little human Mike and I made (don’t say his name!)? He has ESP. No really. The kid can read my thoughts. I think his magic mind machine turns on whenever I mention his name. Or think about him. Or begin to even relax or drift into a wonderful slumber.

When he was a newborn I would have trouble sleeping. It might have been that I was so tired I couldn’t sleep, or because I was anticipating the next waking so I couldn’t sleep. Either way, I would lay there forever before I could get my mind to finally shut off and go to sleep. The minute, THE SECOND! I’d fall asleep, the tiny human would wake up and need cuddling. It still happens now during his nap times. I’ll go through my to-do list, then get in bed for some rest befo- oh wait he’s awake never mind. 

The Baby Who Shall Remain Unnamed has been sleeping through the night for a little while now. EXCEPT! Oh yes, except two nights ago when my stupid, stupid self decided to say these words to Mike as we were getting into bed:

“I’m so glad he’s sleeping through the night now. It’s great to get some rest.”

And, like clockwork, that sweet little dictator that came from my belly woke up at 3am and stayed up for an hour. An hour people! He does the same thing when we finally think that he’s gone to sleep and I say something like, “Yeah it was really easy to get him to bed tonight.” Those words are inevitably shoved right back at me because a tiny voice upstairs starts moaning, or babbling, or barking like a dog, and right back upstairs one of us goes to get him back to sleep. 

The moral of this story? If you want your baby to sleep, you must not ever think about them! Trust me on this! 

On a side note, even though The Baby Who Shall Remain Unnamed is only sleeping about 10 hours a night and waking up early, it’s completely worth it. When I went upstairs to collect him this morning he was sitting in his crib playing with animals.

I was greeted with:

“Hi, mama!” 

And I swoon because my spawn is becoming a full on perfect human being. 



The Best Baby Stuff (so far)

Mike and I were talking a couple weeks ago, and he suggested I do a post about the best things we’ve gotten for Adam so far. I got a list together of really awesome things. Some of them were given to us (thank you family and friends!), and some of them we bought ourselves. All of them were fabulous purchases.

Fisher Price baby rocker: The one we got isn’t exactly like the link, but the design is the same. I was able to put Adam in this while I cooked or ate and he’d hang out (most of the time) so I could get something done. It also folded up flat so we could get it out of the way when it wasn’t being used. It went bye bye once he started standing up and jumping around because I love my son and I don’t want him to have a broken head. IMG_0555










Stuffed animals: We ended up with a small army of stuffed animals when Adam was born, and at first I didn’t get it. All I could think was, He just stares at them! He’s getting older now, though, and really, REALLY loves his stuffed animals. Little Bear is his constant companion now when he’s wrapped on my back, and no fewer than four lovies are in the crib with him when he goes to bed. Bear (the bigger one) gets dragged around by the arm, which totally brings to life the image Mike and I had in our mind when he was a baby. There’s Snoopy, Owl, Baby Goofy, Mrs. Cow 2, Brutus the Buckeye, etc. They’re all loved and I’m so glad we have them (we don’t need 50 more though!)












This picture also brings me to my next awesome purchase!

Carriers of all kinds: When Adam was a tiny ball of crying rage (aka a newborn), he did not like being put down. For like, anything. We had been gifted an Ergo carrier but he was too small for it. We ended up getting a Moby Wrap, and it became my gateway wrap. I now have two woven wraps, the Moby, the Ergo, and Mike has a backpack that he carries Adam around in. Adam is incredibly calm when he’s being carried and I’m pretty sure the world could fall down around us and it wouldn’t bother him. I’m completely addicted and I want more, MORE, MORE!!! I could devote another post to this topic, but here’s my first one.

Convertible car seat: Adam’s colic/gas/feeding issues were a major part of his first few months of life. Car rides were a nightmare. He’d cry to the point of gagging himself and the hysterics got to me when one day it seemed like he couldn’t breath he was crying so hard. When Mike got home I told him I’m never putting him in that infant car seat torture device ever again (through hormonal heaving sobs of course) and just like magic the convertible car seat appeared. Now that Adam was upright and comfortable the crying in the car became a thing of the past. This is his first ride:












Sleep sack: I had to face it very quickly after Adam was born that he was a swaddle Houdini. He got out of a nurse’s swaddle. A NURSE! We coslept for three months and he came out of the swaddle so often that I just stopped doing it at night. Enter: the sleep sack. It’s constricting enough that he feels sing, but loose enough that he can move around and I could keep it on him even after he started rolling over/crawling/walking. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he grows out of it (probably really soon). I should probably start doing naps without it but he just sleeps so darn good in it! I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Toys with Wheels: A walker, a bus, a zebra, or really anything that can be scooted along the floor while Adam moves behind it has been really awesome. Even though he’s walking like a champ, he still likes to push stuff around. I admit, I’m trying to get him to make a vroom vroom sound, but that hasn’t happened yet. I can’t wait for the day when he realizes he can push himself while riding the zebra and I don’t have to break my back pushing him all over the house.

Cloth Diapers: This is a biggie for me. Cloth diapers have been so darn amazing for us. I haven’t done the math, but I’m assuming the money we’ve saved is somewhere in the bazillion dollar range. Not to mention, they are so incredibly cute! And when future baby number two comes along, I’ll already have them. Of course, if I end up having a girl, some might be traded in for more girly prints, but I think I’ve done pretty good at getting a bunch of gender neutral ones though. Now that Adam is sleeping through the night (more or less), I’ve been cloth diapering at night as well. Multiple feedings just generated too much wetness and he was in a disposable overnight. No more though! Woo hooo! I might get all crazy with the next one and start cloth diapering from day one. Now that I know a lot more I think it could work. Here’s my cutie cute cute baby in his diaper.

I mean, come on!






























As for things I wish I’d had this time? Off the top of my head I think I should have registered for a cosleeper crib (the kind that scoot up to the bed), a Boppy pillow, and a miracle blanket. I’ll keep thinking on it though and write another post on it. In the meantime, tell me what you can’t live without! I’d love to know.

The Baby Loves His Orange

Adam decided a couple days ago that oranges are fabulous, which is a big deal because lately he doesn’t want any real food at all. He wouldn’t even let Mike peel it all the way, just scraped all of the fruit off the rind and moved on.


I think I like this…


Here Dad have some juice in your eye.


What? You alright up there?


Oh my gosh what is that taste?!?! (It was the rind he just tried to devour.) Image

Hmmm… I don’t think there’s anymore good stuff on here.


And, done.