10 Years


Ten years ago these two crazy kids got married, almost one year to the day after they started dating. I can’t speak for my other half, but it quickly became apparent to me that Mike was “the one”. I’d never been more myself around somebody, or had someone accept me for me as completely as Mike did.

It’s strange to me how fast it’s gone and what we’ve been through.

Here are the highlights:

Our honeymoon. We went to Cancun and spent most of our time on the beach reading. I know. Dangerous right? A while later I had the beach we sat on turned into a painting, with the books we read sitting on the table. It still hangs in our hallway and I love it.



In 2006 I got orders to England for a four year tour. From the beginning we traveled around Europe trying to see as much as we could before time ran out. We still didn’t get to all of the places on our list, but there were some awesome sights to be seen.

Here’s us on our first trip to Paris (my heart belongs here. We went five times).


After a few whirlwind years I got out of the Air Force and we came home and got to schoolin’.


Then, of course, him:


The second love of my life came along and changed us forever. Life is filled with baby stuff, and family hugs, and my favorite time of day is when Mike comes home and we’re together again.

To my best friend, my love, my husband: I can’t wait to embark on the next ten years with you. Thank you for the best years of my life. I love you.





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