What A Difference A Year Makes

I’ve been multitasking the crap out of my house today. Dishes, baking, laundry, grocery shopping, baby wrangling! I have been on fire. It’s probably due to the uninterrupted 8 (ish) hours of sleep my dear son gave me last night. He was so sleepy from being at the zoo yesterday.

While tearing through all the housework in preparation for Peanut’s first birthday, I realized that one year ago today was his due date. I most definitely did not have this kind of energy on that day. I sat on my butt feeling every darn bit of 40 weeks pregnant.

LOOK at this belly!


I also talked to my big sister and bragged about eating a chocolate easter bunny.


No seriously, I ate the whole thing.


I did not feel the least bit guilty for it either. I needed a bit of indulgence to make my swollen, uncomfortable self feel better. Toward the end everything feels so weird. Adam’s head had dropped by that point, making me feel like I was walking with a giant egg between my legs. Of course Mike would come home every night and shoo me out the door for a walk. “Let’s get this baby out of you!” became his war cry. Eventually all of that walking worked and after a particularly grueling evening (in which I complained about not wanting to be there the whole time), I went into labor early on the 6th.

I must say it’s been a fun ride. I can’t believe another human lives with us. He knows how to walk, tells me when he needs to be changed by insisting we go upstairs, and is currently at my feet playing with an old landline phone.


I wonder how long it will take before I get questions about why the phone had to be plugged into the wall.

So it’s time I stop reminiscing about being prego and go back to my frenzied party prep. Stay tuned. Tons and tons of pictures will follow.



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