During Adam’s epic 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon I started looking through pictures and realized we’ve been so busy the last couple weeks! There were three (three!) playdates that we went to.

Chuck E. Cheese was the first. Don’t worry, it was 10am on a Friday so we were basically the only people and had the run of the joint.


Then we went to the Greensboro Science Center. We had a good day there hanging out with a couple of friends and their kids. They’ve each got a baby about Adam’s age so it was great. First stop was an aquarium with sharks, penguins, and a tank where older kids can pet rays.


Outside there are bigger animals. It was a big to-do when we got to the tiger cage and the two inhabitants were playing around. There’s something about seeing 400 pound cats acting like, well, cats. The only difference between them and my cat was the paralyzing roar the tigers use while they play. And yes I considered that the tigers can eat me, but I think Louie would too if given the chance.

Next stop was the barnyard. The kids had a lot of fun being up close to the animals. Adam wasn’t so much enthusiastic about petting them though. Especially the goat:


They had an indoor play area for babies that Adam just went nuts over. He and my friends one year old were free to climb all over the equipment without fear of getting run over by older kids.


Then. THEN! Last week we had yet another playdate with some friends I met at breast feeding support group. It was a low key event, just hanging out in the living room while the kids played. It was really cool to see how much the babies had grown, since we all started going to the group when our kids were only a couple weeks old. Adam was the oldest. The other mothers marveled at his skills and couldn’t believe theirs would be there in just a couple short months. The kicker was when he showed off his incredible heart and kissed one of the babies, ever so gently, on the head. Score one for Mom and Dad teaching him how to be gentle!

All of these outings are so great for Adam and me. He gets to interact with young kids and get really awesome skills. He saw a nine month old baby at Chuck E. Cheese crawl on her hands and knees and threw his signature army crawl out the window. Since that day, he’s crawled normally and hasn’t looked back. Trust me, the kids is FAST now.

We have another outing to the park tomorrow. If it’s warm enough I’ll let Adam play in the grass, but I think he’ll mostly just hang out on my back while I get some much-needed mommy socialization. If this is how busy we are at the end of winter, I can’t wait for spring and summer to come along. We might be out of the house more than Mike at this rate.


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