Germy, Germy Germs

The hubby is home from work sick today with a sore throat and fever. He’s currently in bed watching Homeland and moaning occasionally to make sure I know he’s in there and feeling miserable. When he told me he didn’t feel good a couple nights ago I went into full mom mode, immediately taking his temperature and giving him fluids and food and sent him to bed with a cup of hot tea and honey. Then I cursed myself for not researching natural cold remedies and stocking up just in case we get sick. I guess I figured if I deny that we can get sick long enough, then cold and flu season will pass us by. Like germs would be all, oh they’re a nice happy family I don’t want to bother them with my pestilence. Ha! It turns out that germs are jerks and they don’t care that I don’t like being sick. 

At this point I know Adam and I have been exposed to whatever he’s got so I’m not really worried about quarantining Mike or anything. I am, however, spending my time with a small part of my brain completely horrified at the fact that one or both of us might get sick too. Adam has been fighting off a wicked rash, trouble sleeping, general crankiness, and a sort-of-semi fever, so maybe he’s the culprit of all the sickness blah that Mike is feeling now. 

I hope so, because the scenario where the entire family gets sick is not something I look forward to. In fact, it’s something I always heard about before I became a parent and I think it’s what I dread the most. When everyone is sick the mom is supposed to suck it up and take care of everyone else while feeling like death warmed over. Well I say FORGET THAT!! When I’m sick I don’t want to be the martyr. I want to sit in bed and feel awful and moan every once in a while to let everyone else know that I’m feeling miserable. You know, like everyone else does! Somedays I wish I had the luxury of saying something like “…so I called the nanny in to take care of the baby while I got some extra sleep.” 

Yeah. Anyone have a winning lottery ticket handy?

Until that happens, I’ll just have to do my best to take care of myself and ward off the illness that’s beginning to fester in my house (and will stick around until the kids leave for college if what I hear is correct). 

Screw you, germs. 

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