Snow Day!

I know I live in a place where it occasionally snows, but that doesn’t keep it from being a really cool novelty. The only snow I saw growing up was one freak ice storm in Texas and I think I may have gone sledding in the mountains with my aunt once or twice. Other than that-nada! So when it snows now this California girl can’t help but get excited. 

It’s too bad Adam wasn’t awake last night when the snow started. I totally would have bundled his cute little butt up and took pictures of him so I could post them and force you all to tell me how cute he is. But, alas, I know better than to wake the sleeping bear that is my child. So I took some today! Ha!

Here he is two days ago when it was 60 degrees outside: 


And here’s what it looks like today:


Sorry kid. We’ll go outside again in April. 

Days like today make me think about next year when Adam will be walking (eek!) and talking (double eek!) and will want to go outside and play in the snow. Except he’ll be new at talking and I’m sure it’ll come out like “pay in da no!” Babies grow up too fast, but the new things Adam does every day and the anticipation of all the new things he’ll do in the future are so wonderful. 

So be ready for next winter when I force you to look at new snow pictures.

Until then, here is one of Adam standing in his crib and looking very happy to see me:


And one of him drinking through a straw for the first time. 



**Sigh** He’s such a big boy. 



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