Snow Day!

I know I live in a place where it occasionally snows, but that doesn’t keep it from being a really cool novelty. The only snow I saw growing up was one freak ice storm in Texas and I think I may have gone sledding in the mountains with my aunt once or twice. Other than that-nada! So when it snows now this California girl can’t help but get excited. 

It’s too bad Adam wasn’t awake last night when the snow started. I totally would have bundled his cute little butt up and took pictures of him so I could post them and force you all to tell me how cute he is. But, alas, I know better than to wake the sleeping bear that is my child. So I took some today! Ha!

Here he is two days ago when it was 60 degrees outside: 


And here’s what it looks like today:


Sorry kid. We’ll go outside again in April. 

Days like today make me think about next year when Adam will be walking (eek!) and talking (double eek!) and will want to go outside and play in the snow. Except he’ll be new at talking and I’m sure it’ll come out like “pay in da no!” Babies grow up too fast, but the new things Adam does every day and the anticipation of all the new things he’ll do in the future are so wonderful. 

So be ready for next winter when I force you to look at new snow pictures.

Until then, here is one of Adam standing in his crib and looking very happy to see me:


And one of him drinking through a straw for the first time. 



**Sigh** He’s such a big boy. 



My New Best Friend

Everyone please meet my new best friend: coconut oil.


Coconut oil: meet everyone.

Inspired by some of the amazing natural/crunchy-living women I’ve met since I had Adam, I’m working on getting rid of my conventional beauty products. About five minutes of research on what is put into shampoo, lotion, toothpaste and every other product in the health and beauty aisle at the store is enough to make my skin crawl. This page is just the tip of the iceberg.

And if it wasn’t enough that my products have the same ingredients used to clean floors, many of them are also found in baby products! This is where mama-bear Tricia comes in and says oh HEEEELLL no! Stop the party you’re all fired go away you will not be touching my son’s skin today! Plus if I get rid of chemicals, there’s no fear of Adam getting under my sink and draining a bottle of who-knows-what that sends us to the emergency room.

So little by little I’ll be trying out natural alternatives to every day cosmetics and beauty products. Soap was easy to do. I’m using Dr. Bronner’s for now, and I know a local woman who makes goat’s milk soap. Score! I’ve also started a regiment to get rid of shampoo and conditioner that I think is going to be great, but it has a bit of a transition period. I’ll update when that’s all settled.

The most versatile product I’ve found so far is coconut oil. I heard about it and all of the magic it does a long time ago. A lot of the women in my various mom groups and my friends used it but I was hesitant at first. I think because it’s call oil. Oil is greasy, it’s used for cooking (I don’t know why that matters but it popped into my head), it’s just too easy. But yes, it really is too easy.

When both bottles of my lotion ran out at the same time I decided to take a chance. I went to Whole Foods and bought Dr. Bronner’s organic unrefined coconut oil for $8. I figured it wasn’t any more money than I’d spend on a bottle of lotion so if it doesn’t work I’d still have some yummy stuff to cook with. No harm done.

You know in movies when something extraordinary happens and there’s a montage of beautiful things like fireworks and flowers blooming and angels singing? Yes. All of that. And it’s only been TWO days!

We dumped the whole jar into a food mixer first and used that to fluff it up a bit. There’s some natural separation so it needed to be mixed back together. Then I put half in the pantry to use as cooking oil (update on yummy recipes to follow) and the other half went to the bathroom for cosmetics use.

I use a tiny, TINY amount each time I get out of the shower and my skin feels incredible. It doesn’t itch from being dry anymore and I smell delicious. Like a walking pina colada draped in a Mounds bar. BONUS!

Here are the products I’ve already replaced with coconut oil: body Lotion, face lotion, deep conditioner, and, defrizzer, eczema cream.

I’ll be working on adding in a few more things: shaving cream, Adam’s diaper ointment, part of a skin exfoliant, itch creams, preventing stretch marks when I get pregnant again, deodorant, toothpaste, and tons more. Phew!

So it’s been a small, easy, and crazy-cost effective change to my routine. I find myself going into the bathroom and figuring out if there’s a spot on my body that I missed just so I can put more on. I’m so inspired by my first victory in beauty product replacement that I can’t wait to continue eliminating the stuff that’s taking up space in my cabinet.