Texts and Hobbitses

I’m having a quiet evening in tonight. Adam is down for the night and Mike wanted to see The Hobbit so he’s out for a while. I refuse to see it because: 1) The first one was so awful I fell asleep and 2) I refuse to believe a 300 page book can be make into 3 3-hour movies. You’re a gazillionaire Peter Jackson! One movie, MAYBE two, would have sufficed!


We’ve been putting Adam in bed awake for the last two weeks and after a few bumpy days it’s been pretty good. To help lull him to sleep we leave our phone in there with a white noise app turned on. Normally we leave it in there until his first waking, but tonight I kept getting the feeling that I should go up there and get the phone. It’s a good thing I did, because my family had started a group text and I forgot to turn the phone on vibrate! I don’t know how he slept through my text alert going off 25 times. My little sister won our Fantasy Football league and she was putting it out there that she accepts cash or check. I maintain that she can fly to North Carolina and get her $10 if she wants it that badly. (insert evil laugh here)

So I think I’m going to pour myself a glass of sparkling apple cider (wild, I know), turn on the TV, read the 18 more texts that came in while I was writing this post, and see if Louie will cuddle up on my feet. Happy Sunday!


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