Decking Our Halls (no boughs of holly though)

The last couple of weekends have been spent getting the house ready for Christmas. The holiday season has seemed a lot more cheery this year. There’s something about having a kid that brings out the festiveness of the season, no?

We started with putting lights on the house. This is technically our second Christmas in this house, but we were in California last year. Meaning this was the first year we had to navigate the huge slope of the roof to put lights up (and by WE, I mean Mike, because I’m not climbing a ladder. Like ever). Mike ended up scooting along the roof and hanging off the side to get the lights up.



I got the easy, staying on the ground job.


Next we went inside to put up the tree and decorate the house. I was a little hesitant to put a new, super shiny thing so low to the ground because I figured we’d be pulling him away from it non-stop. I was right.


But the tree did turn out beautifully. And we love that we have a great place in front of a window to display it.


We normally have a painting of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” above our mantle but by this point in the decorating I couldn’t handle something so non-Christmasy so that had to go. I replaced it with a big collage of our old Christmas cards (thanks for the material friends and family!).


I think Adam approves.


This past weekend, Mike’s parents came over to help us take some family pictures. I realized that we only had two of all three of us: one at a museum taken by a lady who was very nice but not so good at taking pictures, and one on the day Adam was born. Here are some pictures from our Christmas card session that didn’t make the cut.


After we finished those pictures on a whim I asked if we could all change and go outside to take “normal” pictures. I’m so glad we did.

I mean come on. Look at the cheesy grin on that baby!


I love when spontaneous ideas turn out so well. I love these pictures so much.


So our holiday season has gotten off to a great start. I can’t wait for what the rest of this month brings. I hope you’re all having fun and feeling merry!


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