Everything’s A Game Show

Sometimes I’m hungry and need to do some chores, but Adam’s nap time isn’t for a while. In these cases I have to get creative. He needs to be kept busy so I can get stuff done. So now it’s time for another edition of:

“How Long Can I Entertain Adam So Mom Can Eat And Clean?!?”

Our first contestant is a paper bag from the grocery store! The bag starts out promising. It’s new and exciting and something fun to chew on! Unfortunately it’s too big and spends more time on the floor than entertaining the baby. Sorry contestant number 1!


Contestant number 2 is the trusty tablespoon from the dishwasher that I’m frantically emptying before Adam gets bored! Unfortunately Adam has a knack for turning spoons around and choking himself with the handle! Try again in a  couple of months tablespoon!


Here we have contestant number 3, the tiger from Adam’s play mat! Notice the blurry legs and crossed eyes that mean Adam is pleased with this contestant. We got a few good minutes out of this one before it hit the floor and/or ended up behind him.


Today’s contestants really want to entertain Adam! They all show up for one last push at keeping the small one busy!


Oh I’m so sorry contestants! You’ve been undermined by Adam’s new ability to turn around in the rocker and try to climb out of it! Thanks for playing, please get your parting gifts on the way out!Image

The boy can climb out of my trusty baby holder. After I took this picture he stood up, turned around and jumped so that the rocker scooted across the floor. It’s definitely time for the seat belt to be deployed. Go go gadget baby.


One thought on “Everything’s A Game Show

  1. This post was amazing and just what I needed to brighten my day (especially his cross-eyed picture). He’s so sweet and innocent. It just warms my heart.

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